[3.11] Cold BV PF Indigon ft. RF | All content done in HC! | Fast mapper, safe boss-killer


What's good, Exiles. I've played this build for two leagues straight in trade HC and have been getting a lot of questions about it, so I figured I'd try my hand at making a guide for it.

This build is an exceptional all-rounder, capable of speedclearing maps, pushing deep delves, quickly farming uber (and uber-uber) lab and safely clearing all the endgame content in hardcore (e.g. Awakener 8, Cortex, Uber Elder, Aul). While my current character is very much tuned for HC, you could easily ramp up the zoominess a lot more while remaining extremely tanky in SC.

Thoughts about the 3.12 update
3.12 Change log:
-Vengeful Commander now grants 20% increased effect of Anger, Hatred and Wrath auras (from 30%).
-The Divine Flesh Keystone (obtainable via the Glorious Vanity unique Jewel) now grants +5% to maximum Chaos Resistance, down from +10%.
-Harvest-crafting is gone

+Sigil of power and frost shield are added to the game
+Alternate quality BV can provide a source of leech, allowing you to replace doryani's lesson from the large cluster jewel with something else (e.g. blanketed snow on a cold large cluster)

With the slight vengeful nerf and harvest gone, expect lower DPS from this build. I would estimate about 70% of the DPS of what was realistic in Harvest, which in my opinion is still plenty. Considering that the patch notes were mostly nerfs and that every build is worse without Harvest, this build is still in an amazing spot.

The divine flesh nerf is substantial. To compensate the nerf, we would need to use the "Born of Chaos" small cluster jewel notable. Conveniently, this small cluster jewel also gives chaos resist, which is very helpful as it is a lot harder to cap chaos resist without Harvest-crafting.

Here is a non-Harvest gear PoB for born of chaos divine flesh: https://pastebin.com/LCAXknHm

Saffell's is also a good option instead of ahn's. You'd lose life and armour, but gain spell block and more max resists. A hunter tower shield with +2 max all res and +3 max chaos res is still best-in-slot for scaling armour, life and divine flesh at the same time, but these will be much harder to craft without Harvest.

If enough hard mitigations to face-tank endgame bosses and comfortable RF sustain is what you're after, divine flesh is still the way to go, but it is a steep investment. In softcore especially, but even in hardcore, you can justify skipping it.

A large function of the shield in the build was to provide max resists for divine flesh. It was already good to dual-wield sceptres in softcore to increase the DPS, but with divine flesh nerfs in mind it makes even more sense. Because the shield provided armour and attack block, it also makes sense now to go for phase acrobatics and wind dancer instead as a defensive mechanic, and replace the granite flask with a quartz flask. The loss of shield charge is unfortunate, but vigilant strike can still provide fortify and a large-duration smoke mine can help improve the running speed.

Here's a PoB for a dual-wield dodge version of the build with non-Harvest gear: https://pastebin.com/0GdD6vdg

Path of Building links

Read notes for a couple explanations about DPS calculations and gem choices
3.12 Lvl 94 Phase acrobatics + Wind Dancer, realistic non-Harvest gear: https://pastebin.com/0GdD6vdg
3.12 Lvl 99 Divine flesh + armour and shield, realistic non-Harvest gear: https://pastebin.com/91Sm1EHB
3.12 Lvl 100 Phase acrobatics + Wind Dancer, higher-end gear: https://pastebin.com/YEp8pUnV
3.12 Lvl 100 Phase acrobatics + Wind Dancer + Divine Flesh (86 chaos res), higher-end gear: https://pastebin.com/v6GzsyNt

The phase acro builds can definitely go Omeyocan for insane dodge at the cost of mana sustain. Otherwise, spell dodge boots of any kind are good choices too

Old PoB from Harvest: https://pastebin.com/2mfLEXNE

Uber-tanky Scion block version from Harvest (can still be extremely powerful in 3.12, but bone offering is worse and gearing will be very hard): https://pastebin.com/TAfkLZVH

https://youtu.be/xzv54yp0iq4 Uber Elder kill
https://youtu.be/kHZK1Ee9CaU Awakener 8
https://youtu.be/r2SkfBW2uu4 Shaper kill
https://youtu.be/MVFpEYrtXHs Chimera Map - Showcases a little bit of the mapping. I'm struggling to record juiced up maps as it slows my PC down
https://youtu.be/dpfcA8f_TwI T16 Toxic Sewer - Doesn't usually stutter like that on the chain explosions when I don't record
https://youtu.be/JABoqNkHrRM Pure Chayula Breachstone


-Good at all the content modern PoE has to offer
-Great clearspeed (MS from PF ascendancy, juiced up quicksilver flask, explodey chest which full clears entire screens by itself due to how much the build scales its damage)
-Tanky enough to barely get scratched by shaper balls/slam, and Sirus A8's die beam
-Comfortably sustains 6m+ shaper dps while tuned for HC, can burst for a lot more with vaal skills, aggressively spending mana on indigon, and tuning the build for SC
-Huge amounts of life/mana recovery without needing to leech
-Perma flasks, with 80%+ flask effectiveness
-Perma-freeze map bosses, chill bosses like Sirus
-All map mods are doable except elemental reflect
-Just feels GOOD to play. Everything dies around you, flasks are always up, rarely take damage

-Not league-start viable
-Not SSF-friendly due to uniques
-Can work on a budget, but needs an explodey chest to clear well (thankfully harvest makes this easier than otherwise!), and a few expensive gear pieces (in HC at least, most of it would be a lot cheaper in SC) to scale the damage and tankiness
-Cannot do elemental reflect without fitting 100% reduced reflected damage taken on your gear. Can only do physical reflect after converting 100% of physical damage to convert (90% conversion is doable with enough armour and not too much damage)
-When RF is on, gotta keep pressing that mana flask or you will degen


Offensive mechanics

The build fully converts blade vortex to cold damage through the Winter Spirit passive wheel (40%), a Hatred conversion watcher's eye (up to 40%) and 25% conversion gloves (either the Temple mod, or the Veiled craft). This synergizes with elemental overload, PF's veteran bowyer node, taste of hate, and most importantly the HATRED aura. With the 3.11 update, the Supreme Ego keystone is right on your path, and increases hatred's effectiveness by 50% MORE, without any downside because we socket hatred in an essence worm. This is further scaled with increased hatred aura effect on your gear and cluster jewels. On my current character, hatred provides me with 68% of physical damage as extra cold damage, and 48% more cold damage.

The other benefit of conversion is that it scales the explodey chest mod better. Physical damage, cold damage, phys added as elemental, hatred effectiveness and elemental overload all end up scaling the explosion, to the point where mobs can explode for 50% of their max hp instead of the base 3%

Indigon rewards us with hundreds of increased spell damage for spending mana, which the build sustains easily with a juiced up enduring mana flask. This mana recovery also becomes permanent life recovery due to indigon's other property (Non-instant Mana Recovery from Flasks is also Recovered as Life), which makes sustaining righteous fire very easy for another 40% more spell damage.

With the build's 85% increased effect of flasks, taste of hate and wise oak become great sources of DPS. Bottled faith and cinderswallow urn also become substantial sources of more damage if you wanted some extra dps

Defensive mechanics
This is a life build with Mind Over Matter and 100% of mana unreserved. The total HP pool isn't as insane as what archmage builds can reach, but you can easily go above 6k hp and 3k mana. My current character has an effective pool of 9500, with some extra mana to spare so I can spend it without lowering my pool.

With Indigon, enduring mana flasks grant a constant source of life and mana recovery for as long as they are up (which they always are, with how efficient this build is at sustaining flasks). Mana recovery from flasks, flask recovery rate, flask effectiveness and flask quality all scale the life/mana recovery, resulting in over 1000 mana AND life per second. The build also has elemental leech, life regen, mana regen and mana recovery rate to further sustain both pools.

Against elemental damage, the build uses divine flesh along with 77 max elemental resistances and 90 max chaos resistance, for an effective 83.5 max all res. Taste of hate with 85% flask effectiveness provides us with 37% less cold damage taken, and The Wise Oak (with lightning and fire balanced to be our lowest resists) provides us with 18% reduced damage taken from fire and lightning, which stacks with nature's boon's 6% reduced elemental damage taken. Fortify is another source of 20% less damage taken when it is up (which is not permanent, but fairly reliable with both shield charge and vigilant strike). To put this into numbers, with a 9k pool, the effective pool post-mitigations would be over 28k against cold damage (9k/0.63/0.8/0.66/0.94) and 22k against lightning/fire (9k/0.76/0.8/0.66) without accounting for solaris and yugul pantheons.

Chaos damage taken is trivial with 90 max chaos res, unless you were to delve so deep that zombies' caustic ground could hurt you through that.

Against physical damage, we convert up to 60% of physical damage taken to elemental/chaos damage (37% from Taste of Hate, 15% from chest, up to 8% from a shield corruption). Unfortunately this number cannot go higher except without lightning coil or crystal vault, because we cannot run purities with a conversion watcher's eyes due to supreme ego, and we cannot add conversion to our helmet due to wearing indigon. To mitigate the other 40% of physical damage coming through, we use a granite flask of iron skin. With barely any armour on the passive tree, this still allows us to reach around 25k armour due to flask effectiveness. While 25k armour might not sound insane, it works double duty because of the damage conversion making every incoming physical hit smaller and easier to mitigate. Shaper's slam barely scratches this build!

Armour also gives the added benefit of having a beefy molten shell/VMS (5k+ shield and 10k+ shield respectively). This can be self-cast or triggered by CWDT, up to preference.




Core unique for the build. It allows you to receive a ton of increased spell damage by spending mana, which the build easily sustains. With good gear, you can easily spend an average of 1k mana per second while keeping your mana pool filled, which gives 500% increased spell damage (4k mana spent recently, which is to say in the last 4 seconds). You can also choose to aggressively spend all your mana and beef up that bonus to over 1000% increased spell damage.

Indigon also causes your enduring mana flask to recover as much life as it recovers mana. This gives the build fantastic recovery of both pools, which indirectly leads to another 40% more spell damage because righteous fire can be comfortably sustained.

Finally, it causes your mana flask to instantly recover life when you press it, so you can spam it like it's a life flask when you're in really dire straits. Between the instant recovery and the permanent recovery, there's no need for a life flask on the build

Lab enchantment: My enchant is just some vaguely useful mod I put on my indigon myself. If you have the choice, BV duration, damage and AoE are all relevant and on a similar power-level in my opinion. There's also the smoke mine +30% movement speed enchant which makes fitting in smoke mine really worth it.

Budget alternative
Indigon is eventually very cheap in trade softcore, but it's not immediately available at the start of the league. In hardcore, it can take a while before it appears on the market, and the first ones are expensive.

I unironically wore a skullhead before the first indigon appeared on the market

A more tryhard alternative would be a rare helmet, armour base, with life and ideally mana, good resistances, and the betrayal crafted mod "% of physical damage taken as fire", or a similar temple helmet.

If you are in SSF or in trade hardcore, and indigon really doesn't want to drop, and you still want to work on the build (it's completely viable, just a lot less damage), you could invest into a redeemer helmet with the mod "nearby enemies have -9 to cold resistance"

Body armour

This is the final chestpiece I settled on. With an awakener's orb, I combined the explodey mod from a bad crusader base unto a redeemer astral plate with the mana recovery rate mod, and the rest of the affixes were harvest-crafted. Thanks to harvest recolouring, it is extremely easy to have six off-colours on an astral plate (if harvest does not go core, this becomes a possible but very expensive endeavour).

Crafting process for a double-influenced chest (Harvest league):

Picking the item bases
From the wiki: Awakener's orbs are spent by right-clicking the orb, left-clicking a donor item, and then left-clicking a target item. The two items must be of the same item type, with different influences. The target item's base type, item level, sockets, and links are retained.

The resulting item retains one influenced mod from each of the item used with the awakener's orb, at random. If each item only had one influenced mod on it (e.g. a crusader chest with the explodey mod, a redeemer chest with mana recovery rate), then the resulting item is guaranteed to have those two mods. Outside of those two mods, the rest of the item is rerolled at random as if you had used a chaos orb on it.

With this information in mind, the first step when crafing a chest like this is to acquire two chest bases. We're interested in the explodey chest mod, which requires an item lvl 85+ crusader base. Due to the popularity of the mod, these bases tend to be more expensive, and the build ideally wants an astral plate, as that is a powerful armour base with free elemental resistances as an implicit. The good news is that the awakener orb destroys one item, and preserves another, so instead of buying an expensive ilvl 85+ crusader astral plate (1.5ex in softcore trade at the time of writing), we can buy the literal cheapest ilvl 85+ crusader body armour on the market (hovering around 5c at the time of writing). Then, we can buy an ilvl 86 redeemer astral plate for around 10c (ilvl 86 is not strictly necessary; you can go as low as 83 for mana recovery rate and phys taken as cold, but 86 is ideal for the highest tier of +maximum life).

Crafting the crusader chest with the explodey mod

All we want from the crusader chest is to get the explodey mod and not have any other crusader mod on there, to guarantee the awakener's orb will keep the explodey mod. It's a very rare mod, and outside of harvest-crafting the usual avenues to roll it are alt-spamming (1721 alts on average according to craftofexile.com) or fossil-crafting (https://www.craftofexile.com/?b=46&m=fossil&i=|4|&ob=both&v=d&a=e&l=a&lg=3&bp=y&as=0&req={%221735%22:{%22l%22:85,%22g%22:1}}&bld={}&ggt=|&ccp={} - At the top of the screen, click on "compute best selection" to figure out the best fossil combinations)

With harvest-crafting, it's possible to guarantee the explodey mod with physical augments (adds a random physical modifiers to an item). There are 4 possible physical mods on a crusader chest:
1)Explo mod
2)Physical damage reflected to melee attackers
3)Physical damage taken as lightning damage
4)Additional physical damage reduction

1 to 3 are prefixes, and 4 is a suffix. As such, here are the steps to force the explodey mod into existence with a physical augment:
1) Fill your item with three suffixes, or roll the "additional physical damage reduction mod." This guarantees that a physical augment will hit a prefix
2) Roll the physical reflect mod as it is very common (and trash), so it's easy to get it on your item. Don't physical augment for it, it's not worth it. You can most easily roll it with a jagged fossil (more physical modifiers), or guarantee it with an essence of contempt (any tier will do, so very inexpensive)
3) Roll the physical taken as lightning mod. This one is also a crusader mod and is moderately rare, so you could choose to physical augment it after taking care of steps 1 and 2. Alternatively, you could use jagged fossils and hope to hit all the physical mods except the explodey mod (sometimes you even luck out and get the explodey mod directly with a fossil!). If your suffixes are full OR your item already has lightning resistance (which you can add with the crafting bench) you can also guarantee to hit it with a lightning augment, as it is the only lightning prefix the chest can roll.
4) Make sure you have one open prefix left on your item. Most unwanted prefixes have a crafting tag and can be removed with harvest-crafting. The only exception is "You have Consecrated Ground around you while stationary", which you'd have to annul or just start over, but that's an unlikely roadblock.
5) After all that, a physical augment is guaranteed to hit the explodey mod. It's a lot of steps, but it's cheaper than spending 1700 alteration orbs on average.

Unfortunately, we're not quite done with the crusader chest. Phys taken as lightning was rolled to guarantee the explodey mod, but it's a crusader mod that could randomly take the place of the explodey mod when we use the awakener's orb. It should be removed with "remove a lightning modifier", NOT "remove a physical modifier" as that could hit the explodey mod.

The final product should be a crappy chest with the explodey mod and no other crusader mod. Check out https://poedb.tw/us/mod.php?cn=Body+Armour&tags=str_armour if you're unsure what qualifies as a crusader mod. The crusader does NOT need to be a good armour base, to have any armour quality, to be six-socketed or to be linked.

Crafting the redeemer chest

There are a lot of good influenced mods on chests that you could combine with the explodey mod, but for this build there are two that I value the most, and both are redeemer mods:
1)Frenzy charge on hit
2)Mana recovery rate

I ultimately prefer the mana recovery rate mod, because frenzy charges on single-target can be acquired elsewhere (e.g. bench-crafting +1 minimum frenzy charge on a ring and amulet, rolling +1/+2 minimum frenzy charge on a redeemer shield), but the other choice is reasonable depending on the rest of your gear.

Getting either is a lot more straightforward than crafting the explodey mod. The frenzy charge mod has no tag, so you just want to alteration spam the chest until you get it (228 alteration orbs on average). Mana recovery rate has the mana tag, which is useless for harvest-crafting but works with lucent fossils (6 fossils on average to hit it) - or your just alt-spam it as well (114 alteration orbs on average).

Once the redeemer mod of your choice has been rolled (there's no point hitting both, the awakener's orb will only pick one randomly), make sure the item has no other redeemer mod and you're good to go

Awakener's orb crafting

With both proper rolls acquired, you can proceed with the awakener's orb crafting.
1) Click on the awakener's orb first
2) Click on the item that will be destroyed (in this case, the crusader chest) second
3) Click on the item that will be preserved (in this case the redeemer chest) last

Awakener orbs are always a gamble. At this stage, you're hoping that the random mods outside of the explodey mod and the redeemer mod are good.
Without harvest-crafting, you're hoping for generally good mods and room to craft whatever is missing (like resistances or life).
With harvest-crafting, the main thing you're hoping for is that every random mod you roll has a tag that can be removed with harvest options. Thankfully astral plates cannot roll flat mana, but you can still roll flat strength, reduced attributes requirement, stun and block recovery, as well as a couple of redeemer mods.

If your item has bad unremovable mods:
You can either accept it as is and improve whatever you can, or you can gamble with an orb of annulment, beast-crafting (probably remove suffix, add prefix) and harvest-crafting. The harvest craft "remove a non-physical modifier and add a physical modifier" is generally your best bet, as it cannot remove the explodey mod but can hit the rest.

If you take the gamble and end up bricking your chest by removing an influenced mod, there is still hope. On the current chest I'm wearing, my awakener's orb hit garbage like +12 strength and stun and block recovery, so I gambled - and lost. What I did to salvage the expensive double-influenced base was to scour it, roll it with lucent fossils until I hit mana recovery rate and no unremovable mods around it, fill up the suffixes, remove the prefixes with harvest-crafting, augment the prefixes thrice (cold augment is guaranteed to hit phys taken as cold, lightning is guaranteed to hit phys taken as lightning, phys can hit either of the conversion mods, phys reflect to melee attackers and the explodey mod) until I had phys taken as lightning, melee reflect and explo mod, then gambled on "remove a physical modifier".
I was lucky enough to remove the phys reflect on the first try, leaving me with two great prefixes, but otherwise you can keep removing phys until you remove either the reflect or the explo mod. If the explodey mod had gotten removed, I would have augmented again to get it back and then attempted to remove the reflect once more. It can be an expensive process if you're unlucky, but over time you're guaranteed to have the prefixes you want.

If your item has no unremovable mods and can be harvest-crafted to your liking:
The three prefixes you want are
1) Flat maximum life
2) Phys taken as cold/lightning
3) Explodey mod

The phys taken conversion mods are the only lightning and cold prefixes possible, so you can guarantee them by augmenting cold/lightning while suffixes are full, or while your item has cold/lightning resistance as a suffix. If you hit tier 2 conversion (5-10% of physical damage), remove/add cold or lightning until it hits tier 1 (11-15% of physical damage). Do note that since patch 3.10, physical damage taken as X mods are mutually-exclusive, so you cannot roll both on the same item even if they're different mods.

Augment life, then remove add/life until you get a satisfactory life roll. Make sure to fill up the suffixes before augmenting life, as you can otherwise hit flat life regen as a garbage suffix. You can also just craft life on the bench if you're short on harvest options.

For suffixes, we'd sure like both frenzy charge on hit and mana recovery rate, but there's no way to guarantee that so it would turn into an extremely expensive and grueling crafting process. Instead, your three suffixes should be the redeemer mod of your choice, plus two resistances of your choice. These can be augmented and rerolled with harvest-crafting, or bench-crafted. As a sidenote, if your chest has physical damage taken as lightning, avoid augmenting a lightning resistance, and vice versa with cold mods. Having two cold mods or two lightning mods on the same item just makes rerolling mods harder with remove/add cold/lightning

Budget alternatives:
If an awakener's orb is too expensive, you can settle for a crusader chest with the explodey mod and the physical damage taken as lightning mod, a life roll and resistances. All you would lose is the redeemer suffix, but it would still be a fantastic chest for the build.

Crafting process for that:
Acquire an item level 85+ crusader chest. Unlike with awakener's orb crafting, this is your permanent item base. An ilvl 86 astral plate would be ideal, but if that's too expensive just grab the best ilvl 85+ armour base you can afford.

The explodey mod is very rare, and outside of harvest-crafting the usual avenues to roll it are alt-spamming (1721 alts on average according to craftofexile.com) or fossil-crafting (https://www.craftofexile.com/?b=46&m=fossil&i=|4|&ob=both&v=d&a=e&l=a&lg=3&bp=y&as=0&req={%221735%22:{%22l%22:85,%22g%22:1}}&bld={}&ggt=|&ccp={} - At the top of the screen, click on "compute best selection" to figure out the best fossil combinations).

With harvest-crafting, however, it's possible to guarantee the explodey mod with physical augments (adds a random physical modifiers to an item). There are 4 possible physical mods on a crusader chest:
1)Explo mod
2)Physical damage reflected to melee attackers
3)Physical damage taken as lightning damage
4)Additional physical damage reduction

1 to 3 are prefixes, and 4 is a suffix. As such, here are the steps to force the explodey mod into existence with a physical augment:
1) Fill your item with three suffixes, or roll the "additional physical damage reduction mod." This guarantees that a physical augment will hit a prefix. If you do not want physical reduction on the final item, then definitely fill up the suffixes, with bench-crafting and harvest augments.
2) Roll the physical reflect mod as it is very common (and trash), so it's easy to get it on your item. Don't physical augment for it, it's not worth it. You can most easily roll it with a jagged fossil (more physical modifiers), or guarantee it with an essence of contempt (any tier will do, so very inexpensive)
3) Roll the physical taken as lightning mod. This one is also a crusader mod and is moderately rare, so you could choose to physical augment it after taking care of steps 1 and 2. Alternatively, you could use jagged fossils and hope to hit all the physical mods except the explodey mod (sometimes you even luck out and get the explodey mod directly with a fossil!). If your suffixes are full OR your item already has lightning resistance (which you can add with the crafting bench) you can also guarantee to hit it with a lightning augment, as it is the only lightning prefix the chest can roll.
4) Make sure you have one open prefix left on your item. Most unwanted prefixes have a crafting tag and can be removed with harvest-crafting. The only exception is "You have Consecrated Ground around you while stationary", which you'd have to annul or just start over, but that's an unlikely roadblock.
5) After all that, a physical augment is guaranteed to hit the explodey mod. It's a lot of steps, but it's cheaper than spending 1700 alteration orbs on average.

The resulting item is not ideal. The explo mod and phys taken as lightning are great, the additional physical damage reduction is serviceable if it's on there, but the phys reflect is completely worthless and prevents you from adding life. It's still a playable item, as it gives you your main clearspeed tool and good mitigations, but your life pool will suffer.

To remove the phys reflect, you need to gamble on a "remove physical modifier" harvest craft. If it removes the reflect, you win. If it removes the phys taken as lightning, keep going (a lightning augment can bring it back at anytime). If it removes the explodey mod, you unfortunately need to augment physical modifiers again until you get it back. Once the phys reflect is gone, you can augment life or craft life from the bench.

The rest of the item can be min-maxed as much as desired with harvest-crafting (e.g. augmenting then removing/adding resistances until they're good rolls, removing/adding lightning until you hit T1 phys taken as lightning)

Very budget alternatives:

The best chest you could wear on this build for physical mitigation. No clearspeed though, and capping lightning resistance is a headache
Crystal vault is a similar item:https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Crystal_Vault

If you want explosions and don't have an explodey chest, pathfinder is very good at using inpulsa and a vessel of vinktar to shock everything around you. In harvest league, however, getting an explodey chest is not exactly more expensive than getting an inpulsa's.


Not perfect, but very good weapon for the build. The hatred effectiveness mod is the single best affix you can get on a weapon for this build (it adds 18% more BV damage to my current character while also scaling the explodey chest)

Crafting process:
Acquire an ilvl 80+ redeemer void sceptre. Item level 80 gives you access to all the key influenced mods, ilvl 81 adds T1 maximum mana and ilvl 84 adds T1 spell damage and cold damage. If you are not planning on rolling flat mana, spell or cold damage on the weapon, staying at ilvl 80 is ideal as you don't dilute the mod pool as much with stuff you don't want.

For some reason, the redeemer hatred mod does not have any tag, so the only reasonable way to roll it is to spam alterations (257 alterations on average for the tier 1 mod).

If you get the hatred mod and regal your way into something else interesting (like how I got lucky with T3 mana), that's perfect. If you get bad mods alongside hatred that can't be target-removed with harvest crafting (e.g. T12 flat mana, reduced enemy threshold), you can gamble on removing/annuling them and restart if it fails.

If you didn't luck out on a good prefix with your regal orb, you can harvest-craft the weapon (augment caster, then remove/add caster, or augment cold and remove/add cold, although be wary that there are useless attack cold mods possible) until you have one and only one good prefix. This could be a lot of things, like a good spell or cold damage roll, cold damage as extra chaos damage, cold penetration, +1 level to all spell skill gems if you're incredibly lucky. Added flat cold to spells is not very good on this build and rolls very often, so I would advise blocking it (either bench-craft it or harvest-craft flat lightning/fire to spells and remove it later) to improve your rolls.

Your one prefix should be something else other than physical damage gained as extra cold damage and +1 to all physical skill gems, as these are guaranteed on the next step.

Once you have isolated the hatred mod and one good prefix, you can craft "cannot roll attack modifiers". This makes it so the only physical mods the sceptre can roll are physical damage gained as extra cold damage and +1 to all physical skill gems. From there, you can augment with a physical modifier, then add/remove a physical modifier until you hit the T1 version of physical as extra cold. After that, you can augment a physical modifier for a second time, guaranteeing +1 level to all physical skill gems.

This solves the prefixes. One suffix is the hatred mod, and another will be the "trigger a socketed gem when you use a skill" craft. The third suffix could be a number of different things.

If you want to mostly guarantee cast speed, you can remove the "cannot roll attack modifiers" mod and craft "% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells." This allows you to augment a caster modifier while blocking crit chance for spells, most likely resulting in a cast speed augment.

If you want good odds of rolling "% increased Movement Speed if you've Hit an Enemy Recently", you can craft cast speed instead, then augment the item with a speed modifier.

If you want "Spells have a (6–7)% chance to deal Double Damage", which is the second best damage suffix for the build, you can craft "prefixes cannot be changed" then remove/add caster modifiers until you hit it (might take a while; I tried once and couldn't hit it despite saving up a lot of harvest crafts). Alternatively, @K0WAL has figured out that you could roll this mod reliably by isolating the hatred mod, filling up your prefixes with random non-caster mods that you plan on removing later, then removing/adding caster until you get it.

Finally, there's always the multimod route. Instead of adding a prefix before augmenting the physical modifiers, you can craft a weapon with the hatred mod and the two guaranteed physical modifiers. Then, you can multimod and craft "Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill" and "(46–50)% increased Spell Damage + Gain 4% of Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage."
The end result is still a solid weapon, but you lose one suffix if you keep the multi-mod, and there's no way to target remove the multi-mod (remove non-caster or non-cold would always have the possibility of removing the hatred mod)

Budget alternatives:
Whatever you can get your hands on honestly. The best mods, in approximate order depending on tiers, are hatred effectiveness, +1 gem level to BV, phys gained as cold, % increased cold damage, spell damage (doesn't scale explosions, unlike cold damage), cold damage as extra chaos damage, cold penetration, and flat cold damage to spells. Mana and hybrid mana/spell damage are also desirable.

As a sidenote, crusader weapons can be a source of phys conversion to cold (up to 30%). If for some reason you cannot reach 100% cold conversion by other means (no watcher's eyes, in SSF for instance), you can replace a redeemer sceptre with a crusader sceptre with that mod, or you could combine them with an awakener's orb.


Great double-influenced defensive shield for divine flesh. The hunter mods cap your max chaos res to 90 by themselves, which removes the need for a Born of Chaos small cluster jewel, and raise max elemental res to 77. The redeemer mod contributes to having 3 permanent frenzy charges on the build, which in my case freed up a suffix slot on the chestpiece to roll mana recovery rate instead.

If you don't mind the risk, you can double-corrupt such a shield and hope for "physical damage taken as X" plus anything else.

Crafting process
Start by acquiring an ilvl 85+ hunter shield (any base), and an ilvl 86 redeemer tower shield (ezomyte tower shields have good armour and the highest life implicit, while colossal tower shields have the highest armour). Once more, the redeemer item bases tend to be cheaper so the plan is to destroy the hunter shield with the awakener's orb and keep the nicer redeemer base.

Sidenote about item level and awakener's orbs:
You can technically add an influenced mod that is too high-level for the recipient item to roll. For instance, you could destroy a crusader chest with the lvl 85 explodey mod and add it to an ilvl 83 redeemer chest. However, this initial awakener's orb is the only way to do that; if you were to reroll the double-influenced ilvl 83 chest afterwards, it could never roll the explodey mod again.

The plan with this shield crafting is to roll the ilvl 86 "+3% to maximum Chaos Resistance" hunter mod AFTER using the awakener's orb, so in this case the redeemer shield that will serve as the permanent item base needs to be ilvl 86, and the hunter shield can be as low as ilvl 85 for "+2% to all maximum Resistances"

The +2 minimum frenzy charges on the redeemer shield is a speed modifier so it can be crafted with harvest speed seeds. Conveniently, it is the only speed modifier possible on the shield, so "reforge an item including a speed modifier" should guarantee either the +1 or +2 roll. Otherwise, it can be fossil-crafted with shuddering fossils or spammed with alterations (167 on average).

Alternatively, because this mod is the only speed modifier, it could be guaranteed with a speed augment AFTER the awakener's orb crafting. Augment speed and remove/add speed (until you hit +2 frenzy instead of +1) can be rare and expensive harvest crafts, but it would allow you to roll a different redeemer mod before the awakener's orb (such as "(8–10)% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills", "(21–25)% increased Effect of Non-Damaging Ailments", or "Recover (3–5)% of your maximum Mana when you Block"). These mods are not necessarily better than having space for a resistance suffix, so it's up to you.

The mod you want on the hunter shield before the awakener's orb is "+2% to all maximum Resistances", which has no tag so should be rolled with alteration orbs (198 on average).

After that, use the awakener's orb on the hunter shield and the redeemer shield second.

If you get bad unremovable suffixes
Thankfully, all the prefixes the shield can roll are target-removable with harvest. The only prefix without a a removable tag is the max resistance mod, which we want anyway.

You might get unlucky and roll bad unremovable suffixes like stun and block recovery, which you can either ignore or try to annul off. If you brick the shield by trying to annul bad mods, it's not the biggest loss. You can scour it and alt-spam for "+2% to all maximum resistances" again. Once you get it back, augmenting a speed modifier will guarantee the frenzy charges mod. Remove/add speed until you get +2 frenzy

Next, fill up the suffixes with one resistance mod of your choice, and the bench-crafted mod "4-5% chance to deal double damage". With the suffixes full, you can augment life then remove/add life until you hit a satisfactory life roll, then augment chaos and remove/add chaos until you hit +3 to maximum chaos resistance.

Harvest honestly makes this very easy for how good this shield is!

Budget defensive alternatives

Ahn's heritage is an amazing shield for the build, and would realistically be the endgame choice for pure tankiness if Harvest didn't make crafting a better shield so easy. It gives a good life roll, a lot of armour and +2 to all maximum resistances, which can be used in tandem with "Born of Chaos" on a small chaos cluster jewel to cap your maximum chaos res at 90. Furthermore, it's very cheap so you can vaal orb them or double-corrupt them until you hit a good corruption, the best one for the build being "6-8% of physical damage taken as X element" due to how much physical mitigation it adds.

Saffell's frame is what I wore before acquiring a glorious vanity jewel for divine flesh. On a budget, the build is still very tanky against physical damage simply due to taste of hate and a granite flask, but you have no substantial elemental mitigation outside of balancing wise oak and divine flesh. In this context, saffell's +4 to all maximum resistances and its 20% spell block (since a lot of elemental damage comes from spells) is the simplest way to tank up. It also helps capping resistances and gives some spell damage, both of which are desirable with budget gear.

Higher DPS alternatives

If you wanted to sacrifice mitigations for more DPS, you could wear a high damage shield. This would need to be an ES base like a fossilized spirit shield, as these bases are the only shields with access to good caster mods like "+1 to Level of all Physical Spell Skill Gems". Spell damage and +gem level mods are prefixes, so they're mutually exclusive with the maximum resistances mods on a tanky shield, and the ES from the base is completely useless due to divine flesh.

You could also simply dual-wield sceptres. This makes you lose the ability to shield charge, but you can make up for it by stacking more movespeed and moving around with smoke mine/flame dash. DPS would go up by a ton, and your explodey chest would do even more damage, but obviously defenses would go down by a lot.


Double-influenced hunter and warlord amulet for +2 blade vortex gem level. The prefixes are exactly what you want, but the suffixes could be a number of different and possibly better things, such as %increased cold damage and bench-crafting +1 to minimum frenzy charges

Crafting process
This one is fairly straightforward. You want to acquire an ilvl 82+ hunter amulet and an ilvl 82+ warlord amulet, then roll both with their respective gem level mod. If you want to use catalysts, use them on one of the bases while it's still a white item, as you will only need 4 catalysts to reach 20% quality instead of the 20 catalysts required on a rare item. Fertile catalysts are most likely your best bet.

The hunter "+1 to Level of all Dexterity Skill Gems" mod only has the gem level tag, so I recommend rolling it with alteration orbs (476 on average, unfortunately). The warlord "+1 to Level of all Physical Skill Gems" has the physical tag, so you could roll it with harvest using the "physical modifiers are more common" option, or with jagged fossils, or with alteration orbs (390 on average).

Once you have both influenced mods and no other influenced mod on each item, use the awakener's orb first on the item you want to destroy, and second on the item you want to keep (ideally an amulet with 20% catalyst quality).

If you hit a bad unremovable prefix:
Most prefixes are target-removable with Harvest-crafting. If you hit a mana roll as a prefix, it can be awkward. It cannot be modified with Harvest-crafting and isn't as good as a life roll, but it's not useless as this is a MoM build (provided that it's not a really awful tier of mana roll). Increased rarity of items found is a total nightmare, and there are a couple of rare but useless hunter mods like +1 pierce.

Gambling away a bad prefix is extremely risky. If the +1 dex gem level gets removed, there's no way to augment it back as it has no tags. Scouring then alt-spamming the double-influenced amulet is not an option, as according to craftofexile.com, it would cost 42k chaos on average to alt+regal your way into an amulet with both desired +1 gem level mods.

The +1 phys gem level, however, is a lot easier to augment if you accidentally remove it. This also means that if you remove the +1 dex gem level, your best way to salvage the amulet is to alt-spam until you get +1 dex gem level back, then augment phys and remove/add phys until you get the +1 phys level. The important trick here is to craft "cannot roll attack modifiers" before augmenting a physical modifier. This prevents a LOT of common physical prefixes from rolling, leaving only "Gain #% of Physical Damage as Extra Fire Damage" (prefix), "(3–5)% additional Physical Damage Reduction" (suffix), "#% to Physical Damage over Time Multiplier" (suffix), and of course +1 to all phys gems level. If you fill up the suffixes, this leaves you with only two prefixes you can roll. The +1 to all phys has a lower mod weighting (i.e. it's rarer), so it might still take a couple of remove/add phys until you get it, but it shouldn't be too bad.

Free up a prefix, fill suffixes if possible, then harvest-craft life until you get a satisfactory roll. You now have the three ideal prefixes.

If your item has bad unremovable suffixes (quite likely):
The good news is that unlike the chestpiece and the shield, the two desired influenced mods on the amulet are both prefixes. As such, you can attempt to get rid of unwanted suffixes through the "reforge the suffixes on an item" harvest craft, until you either get good suffixes or suffixes that can be target-removed. Alternatively, you can craft "prefixes cannot be changed" then use a scouring orb to scour away all suffixes. If your item has three suffixes and thus no room to craft "prefixes cannot be changed", you can "reforge the suffixes on an item" until you hit two or less suffixes, and then craft "prefixes cannot be changed" to scour away suffixes

Harvest and bench-craft the suffixes to your liking to finish up the amulet

Budget alternatives

Instead of a double-influenced +2 gem level amulet, you can settle on a single-influenced +1 gem level amulet. The +1 amulet can also be recycled in the future to craft the +2 amulet if you get enough currency.

For a +1 amulet, I recommend a warlord base over a hunter base, as
-It is usually cheaper than a hunter amulet
-+1 to physical gems is easier to roll than +1 to dex gems due to the physical tag
-Warlord bases have other interesting mods for the build, like "#% increased Area of Effect" and "Gain #% of Physical Damage as Extra Fire Damage" (really not as good as cold damage, but still useful)
-Hunter bases have a lot of useless mods for the build, like DoT-related mods

You can also use a redeemer amulet. Unfortunately, these can only roll +1 to gem level of cold skills, which does not apply to blade vortex even if we convert to cold damage. However, redeemer amulets have a number of good mods, such as "Gain #% of Physical Damage as Extra Cold Damage", "#% of Cold Damage Leeched as Life" and "Damage Penetrates #% Cold Resistance"

This was my first decent amulet on the build. The temple "cold leeched as life" mod is very useful until you have doryani's lesson on a large cluster jewel, as otherwise you have no leech.


One ring is essence worm

This is very cheap and best-in-slot for the build. It allows us to use hatred without reserving any mana (otherwise it would reserve 75% of mana due to supreme ego), and even gives +2 gem level to hatred.

The other ring is a rare

This ring isn't too spectacular. It's got great pool, good resistances, and a mediocre cold damage roll. For a discussion about the frostbite on hit mod, read below.

The main priority for this slot is a ring with good life, mana and resistances. Your item base can be a two-stone, amethyst or prismatic ring if you need the resistances, a vermillion/cerulean ring for extra pool and an opal ring for extra damage. Fertile catalysts for extra pool, prismatic catalysts for resistances and turbulent catalysts for elemental damage are all good catalysts. Ideally, you want to specialize your ring around the type of catalyst used; only use prismatics if you desperately need the resists, use fertiles for a generic life+mana ring, and probably only use turbulents for something like an opal ring with a fat %increased cold damage roll on it.

If you want something fancier, you can:
-Get a ring with a good temple mod like I did, then harvest-craft around it
-Craft a ring with shrieking/deafening essences of hatred for a big increased cold damage roll
-Craft a good ring then use a redeemer's exalt to slam a relevant damage mod like flat cold against chilled enemies, flat cold per frenzy charge, or frostbite on hit
-Craft on a redeemer base to try and get the aforementioned redeemer damage mods

On the topic of a frostbite on hit ring, it's a great option even though I'm not using it myself. As a player, I'm a bit biased towards emphasizing boss dps instead of mapping DPS, so I chose to run a lvl 20/20 elemental weakness gem (never landed the lvl 21 corruption) in my trigger weapon to maximize boss DPS. A 20/20 frostbite is an alternative; it gives freeze chance and freeze duration, but only reduces cold resistance by 44% whereas elemental weakness reduces all three elemental resistances by 44%, and the build does deal some amount of fire and lightning damage.

In comparison, a frostbite ring can at best roll a lvl 8 frostbite on hit. This is a slight boss DPS loss, but is a much better way of delivering curses for mapping. It's basically always up on every mob you hit, whereas a curse socketed in your weapon will only trigger once every 4 seconds. If you care more about consistent trash mob DPS, which is useful in high delirium maps, the simulacrum and deep delving, then a frostbite on hit ring is best-in-slot

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GEAR (continued)



Edit: Got a new belt!

I lost some cold damage but increased my sustain by a lot with this. The flask charges gained are not ideal; reduced flask charges used would be much better for flask sustain.

My belt is far from ideal. Even though I'm lvl 100 and the character is done, I might craft a new one because of how dissatisfied I am with it.

Stygian vises are great for the build, as the abyss jewel you socket in them can be a source of phasing and onslaught on kill, which the build doesn't generate anywhere else.

The basic mods you want for your belt are life, mana if possible, resistances, flask sustain mods if possible, armour perhaps, flask mana recovery rate and increased effect of flasks as a bench craft.

As for flask sustain mods, reduced flask charges used is far more impactful than flask charges gained or flask duration. Mathematically, reducing flask charges used from 90% to 70% (arcane chemistry on the passive tree is a source of 10% reduction) is more impactful on your flask sustain efficiency than going from 148% flask effect duration to 168% flask effect duration.

For a more advanced belt, ilvl 84 redeemer, hunter, or shaper stygian vises are great bases

Good hunter mods are:
-7-10% increased maximum Life. Combined with fertile catalysts, this results in a beefy life belt
-10% chance for Flasks you use to not consume Charges. Decent flask sustain mod, although the RNG portion is not ideal.
-Gain a Flask Charge when you deal a Critical Strike. Not as crazy as it sounds as there is an internal cooldown on this effect, but still an excellent flask sustain mod, even as non-crit (blade vortex hits often and has good crit chance, even with controlled destruction)
-(6–10)% increased Movement Speed during any Flask Effect. Great mod as it's always active.

Good redeemer mods are:
-Flasks applied to you have (8–10)% increased Effect. Better than the 8% increased effect bench craft, and frees up a bench-crafted mod
-(26–30)% increased Cold Damage. Scales the explodey chest.
-(36–40)% increased Damage with Hits against Chilled Enemies. Better damage but slightly more conditional than the previous mod.
-(16–20)% increased Mana Recovery rate. Insane mod for a simple belt suffix.

Good shaper mods are:
-You take #% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes
-#% increased Mana Recovery rate
-#% increased Spell Damage during any Flask Effect
-#% increased Movement Speed during any Flask Effect

One final non-influenced mod to underline is flask mana recovery rate . This rolls up to 20% normally, or up to 25% using a deafening essence of misery. This mod is good because flask recovery rate is multiplicative with other buffs to your mana flasks, such as flask effect, flask quality and increased mana recovery from flasks. As far as I know, the only other source of flask recovery rate for the build is herbalism on the passive tree, so going from 120% flask recovery rate to 145% is over a 20% MORE multiplier to how much mana per second your mana flask gives you. With Indigon, this also translates to 20% more life recovered per second from your mana flask.

To sum it up, it is possible to make a crazy belt for this build. I might try my hand at crafting a double-influenced redeemer and hunter stygian vise with a flask mana recovery rate mod.

Mix-and-match at your own leisure, as there is a lot you can do with this item slot. The less resistance suffixes on your belt the better, though of course that is easier said than done when belts are typically a good source of resistances.


Edit: New gloves!

I wasn't happy with my old gloves so I crafted around the "of puhuarte" 50% damage temple mod and got this. T2 on flat life and hybrid could be better, but I'll take it for now. I wish I could have hunter-slammed for unnerve on hit, then -influence mod +caster mod if I didn't get it, but that requires ilvl 85 and it's hard to find that kind of item in trade HC.

Straightforward item slot. All you really need is 25% of physical damage converted to cold, which can come either from a temple mod like mine, or from a betrayal bench craft.

For the other mods you want life, mana if you can/want, and resistances.
To min-max it further, hunter gloves can roll "(7–10)% chance to Unnerve Enemies for 4 seconds on Hit" as a prefix, and warlord gloves can roll Culling Strike as a suffix. For max DPS, use an awakener's orb to combine unnerve and culling strike on the same item.

The temple mod "+(46–48)% to Cold Resistance, (30–50)% increased Damage with Hits against Chilled Enemies" is amazing to craft around.

If you wanted a pair of rare gloves with 50% cold conversion, you could crusader slam a pair of 25% conversion temple gloves and hope/harvest-craft for the 25% conversion crusader mod. This is a good option in SSF if you really need the conversion. In trade league, crusader exalts and conversion watcher's eyes are similarly-priced, so not sure I'd bother, especially since you end up at 90% conversion instead of 100%.

I tried synthesizing my already-crafted gloves with the harvest craft, and ended up replacing the useless melee damage with the almost-as-useless evasion rating. For a more serious attempt at getting good synthesis implicits, you should synthesize a good armour base then craft it if you hit nice implicits.

The best lab enchant is commandment of blades, as it deals converted physical damage and chains around, sometimes triggering a mass explosion chain by itself when it kills a white mob. Commandment of frost is a decent alternative.

Budget alternative:

For cheap 50% conversion to cold and not much else. Good if you don't have a conversion watcher's eye.


I'm wearing a very basic pair of boots, optimized for my life pool. All you need from this slot is life, movement speed, mana if possible, and resistances.

A more deluxe version and clearspeed-oriented pair of boots would include elusive on crit from redeemer, tailwind on crit from hunter, or both if you use an awakener's orb. These are easier to craft than ever with Harvest league, as they are the only critical modifiers that can roll on boots. Redeemer boots can roll "Gain (6–8)% of Physical Damage as Extra Cold Damage" as a prefix, but I don't think that is justifiable given how important boot prefixes are (life, mana, movespeed, elusive)

Elemental penetration is the best uber lab enchant for boss DPS, but there are other options for better clear speed or sustain.


The best flask for the build. It synergizes with everything we do.

A great source of cold penetration. If you balance out your lightning res with your fire res, it also gives a lot of REDUCED fire and lightning damage taken. Triple-balancing your resists is only marginally useful, as taste of hate is a sapphire flask and will raise your cold resistance far above the other two while it's up.

By itself, this flask turns the build from a 3k armour build to a 25k armour build. This is great for using molten shell and vaal molten shell. It also mitigates a lot of physical damage, especially since the build already takes smaller physical hits because it converts up to 60% of physical damage taken into elemental/chaos.

One priviledge of being a pathfinder is that you can easily sustain an alchemist flask during mapping, so your beefed up speed flask makes you go even faster (+145% movespeed with my current flask effect)

Constant source of 1k+ mana and life recovery per second, and can also be spammed as if it were a life flask. Always up, so curse immunity is also always up (never get temp-chained because you're backtracking through a map!)

An enduring divine mana flask of warding is an alternative. It actually recovers around 8% more mana per second than an eternal flask, but the base duration is as low as 3.5 seconds with the enduring mod

Why no staunching mod?
The build does not need bleed immunity. Bleed damage is generally not dangerous enough to go through the build's life recovery, and the ralakesh pantheon can also be used to mitigate some of the bleed damage. Once in a while, you may encounter a very nasty bleed (e.g. Farrul, the pitbull boss in canyon), but at worst you can just stand still, or tap your mana flask once in a while to top your life off. Lab traps are extremely safe despite no staunching; this build can just run through even uber-uber lab trap gauntlets.

Corrupting blood, on the other hand, sometimes hurts way too much, so a jewel with corrupting blood immunity is necessary.

Flask swap for killing bosses

For boss-killing, overflowing chalice is recommended instead of a quicksilver flask. My current character can permanently sustain most flasks while sitting in my hideout just through https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Nature%27s_Boon, but taste of hate eventually runs out. Overflowing chalice solves this by greatly increasing flask charges gained. It's also a sulphur flask, which gives good damage and consecrated ground on use for boss-killing.

There are no curses against the player in endgame encounters like the Awakener or Uber Elder, so I swap my enduring mana flask of warding for a mana flask of adrenaline. This partly compensates for the speed loss from the quicksilver, and gives us a comfortable amount of movespeed for boss-killing (being very fast is not necessarily helpful in a small boss arena).

Don't bother with flask-swapping for any encounter you find easy, but if you're worried about a boss then do go for it.

Other flask options

Excellent at adding block - a block variation of the build could be built around this. Compared to a magic granite flask, rumi's loses the increased armour suffix, but iron skin could be added to another magic flask instead.


Huge damage even as non-crit, and if you were to make a crit variant this flask would be insanely helpful

Another source of more damage, as well as onslaught and sustain on kill


This watcher's eye mod is best-in-slot for the build in terms of damage, and allows you to full convert and thus run phys reflect maps. If possible, try and get another relevant hatred mod (cold penetration>cold damage>added cold, crit is real good if you're crit)

As Supreme Ego restricts you to one aura, you can't add interesting mods from other auras like clarity and precision

Not necessary, but a huge upgrade for the build. The spot near the scion start and the Shaper notable gives 9% cast speed, 24% increased mana, 30% AoE, 20% skill effect duration, and a couple other goodies. I recommend speccing into more AoE on the tree (e.g. Amplify) if you don't have the unnatural instinct.

Lots of damage for the build when placed due left of Templar, especially when it comes to scaling the explodey chest.

Glorious vanity sacrificed in the name of Xibaqua changes nearby keystones to https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Divine_Flesh, which is a huge source of elemental mitigation as long as you cap your chaos resistance.

It changes the nearby small nodes into something else. If possible, try to get a xibaqua jewel that gives useful small traveling nodes like maximum mana, increased effect of auras, cold damage, area damage, spell damage, resistances, etc.

There are two good spots for the jewel in this build: next to Eternal Youth, or next to Agnostic. Choose one or the other depending on what passives your glorious vanity gives you.

It also changes the surrounding passive wheels, and sometimes the changed notables can be really good (e.g. 32% physical damage and 4% chance to deal double damage, cold conversion, cold damage and cold leech, maximum chaos res, a lot of maximum life). I recommend aqueous accelerant as your endgame amulet anoint, but before that feel free to anoint something in the radius of your glorious vanity (it changes the notables in radius, but doesn't change their anoint cost)

Rare jewels:
There's not much spicy to get from your rare jewels. Look for corrupted blood immunity, max life, max mana, area damage, cold damage, physical damage, spell damage (not as good - doesn't scale explochest), and resistances. For abyss jewels, phasing and onslaught on kill are great.

Cluster jewels

Clusters are a huge source of power for this build, providing us with way better flasks, elemental leech, good damage, and life and mana

Vengeful commander is the best damage notable, and doryani's lesson is a source of leech. The only alternative sources of leech are from a glorious vanity notable, a temple cold leech amulet, or a redeemer amulet (which can be good, but no +1 gem level).

In order to only spend 5 points traveling through this large cluster:
You need an 8-passives large cluster base, and you need a third useless notable that will sit at the back of the cluster. For some reason, the only two notables that sit at the back in combination with doryani and vengeful are sadist and corrosive element.

Edit: Fire tags were removed from sadist, corrosive and vengeful, so the previous method is obsolete. I'd now recommend starting with an 8-point elemental large cluster over ilvl 75, and alt+regaling until you get vengeful commander + either sadist or corrosive (233 alts and 46 regals on average). Then, you can force doryani's lesson with life harvest crafts, as there are only two life suffixes possible: life regen on small nodes and doryani. If your suffixes are clean, I'd just augment life twice. If not, I believe you need to gamble with remove non-life/add life and hope it removes your unwanted suffix, then augment life as it will probably hit life regen first instead of doryani's lesson.

You could do this with a cold cluster for slightly better small nodes (12% cold damage versus 10% elemental), but the odds of hitting the alt+regal are abysmal (2000+ alts and 126 regals). However, if you get your leech elsewhere (e.g. amulet, anomalous blade vortex, a cold leech notable from glorious vanity), then you can replace doryani's lesson with good damage notables from a cold cluster jewel, such as vengeful commander + blanketed snow

This medium cluster makes an insane difference to the build and is very easy to craft. Alt-spam for distilled perfection (it's a common notable), then augment attack to guarantee spiked concoction. Unfortunately, the alchemist's genius buff from spiked concoction does not stack, so you're limited to only one such jewel.

This could also be liquid inspiration + spiked concoction on a flask duration medium cluster. You'd lose 5% mana recovery from flasks (because of the small node difference) and 14% flask duration, but you'd win 15% increased mana and some power charge generation.

Second-best medium cluster for the build, and unlike the previous one this one is spammable (if you wanted a whole second cluster setup to go ham on buffing your mana flasks). Very annoying to roll, though. Options include good old alt+regal (very expensive), lucent fossil spam, or alting for liquid inspiration as it's rarer, then remove/add life until it hits distilled perfection (if you do that, buy an ilvl 68 cluster so you can use quarry seeds)

After that, you can either place normal jewels in the jewel socket of your medium clusters (very decent option, especially if short on passive points) or invest into small cluster jewels.

There are a lot of useful small clusters:

and other notables like holistic health and blessed.

Gem links and playstyle
Blade vortex

Note: The awakened gems are NOT necessary at all for the build to perform well. It's just some min-maxing when you have nothing else to do

Vaal BV-Hypothermia-Controlled destruction are locked in. Cold penetration can become empower instead, if you have empower level 4. Empower is slightly better damage when all debuffs are active, slightly worse without exposure/curse, but it can also help you reach a base radius threshold for BV (+1 radius at lvl 25, another +1 at lvl 30)

While there is a consideration to use elemental focus on bosses for more damage instead of hypothermia, it's worth noting that this build chills endgame bosses by a noticeable amount, which makes their mechanics easier. It makes a particularly big difference on Sirus; he spams his spells a lot less, and his teleport has a slower animation so it's easy to tell which way he's teleporting (he always faces in the direction where he's gonna teleport)

Unleash support is amazing for mapping. With it, you spend very little time keeping up your BV stacks.

Intensify is neat as it gives you a lot of AoE while walking around, and turns into a 64% more damage gem if you stand still in front of a boss while casting BV. It's like gem-swapping between increased aoe and concentrated effect without having to open your inventory. However, moving around makes you lose the intensify damage very quickly.

As such, mapping is done Unleash + Intensify. With enough gear, you don't need to switch away from that for conquerors or guardians at the end of a map

Concentrated effect + intensify is the gem setup for maximum DPS, which I use for endgame bosses that allow me to burst them down while standing in their face (e.g. Sirus, Cortex, Aul, Shaper, Elder). A less clunky and less damaging alternative could be empower 4 + concentrated effect.

Uber Elder is done with Concentrated Effect + Unleash, because that gem setup is the best when moving around a lot. This could frankly be used against every boss in the game if you value quality of life over maximum DPS.

If you really need the trash mob DPS, you can also map with Concentrated Effect + Unleash. This makes your BV much smaller than intensify, but your chest explosions are still the same and will carry the clear. This is useful for things like deep delving, the last wave of simulacrum, or if your gear is not good enough yet.

Helmet four-link: Vortex+Flame Dash

Vortex is an important part of this build's playstyle. It leaves a chilling area that chills enemies in it by 10%, which is good by itself, ensures that hypothermia is active on bosses (although BV already chills very well), and causes enemies to take 10% more cold damage when linked with bonechill support.

It is also an instant spell, which is neat as it gives you greater control over your mana expenditure with Indigon. You can hold down the vortex key to spend more mana faster, and you can bind it to your left-mouse button to automatically cast it on cooldown while walking around, which passively spends mana and ramps up your damage. Because we're spending a lot of mana on vortex, it is linked to a level 20 arcane surge, which gives a 20% MORE spell damage and a 19% cast speed buff everytime we spend 400 mana on vortex. The build also picks up the arcane capacitor node on the tree thanks to a Thread of Hope, which gives up to 50% increased arcane surge buff effect (so 30% more spell damage instead) if 1k mana was spent recently (last 4 seconds). Due to Indigon, that amount of mana expenditure is easy to reach.

Flame dash is added to the 4-link so that it can also trigger arcane surge sometimes, and because it needs to be somewhere. It's not linked with faster casting or second wind because my playstyle is to use it once in a while when the cast is instant, and walk or shield charge the rest of the time. If you prefer spamming flame dash, you can probably fit in second wind and faster casting somewhere else.

If you remove flame dash or put it elsewhere in your links, then hypothermia is a good 4-link for vortex as it empowers the bonechill effect

Weapon three-link: Triggered spells

The spells socketed in there are triggered one at a time when you use any skill, and each spell has a separate cooldown of 5 seconds.

Frost bomb/wave of conviction are the build's source of cold exposure. Use whichever you prefer. If using wave, make sure it more cold damage than anything else, although that is extremely easy with conversion and hatred.

Frostbite/elemental weakness are the offensive curses of choice. I chose to run a lvl 20/20 elemental weakness gem (never landed the lvl 21 corruption) in my trigger weapon to maximize boss DPS. A 20/20 frostbite is an alternative; it gives freeze chance and freeze duration, but only reduces cold resistance by 44% whereas elemental weakness reduces all three elemental resistances by 44%, and the build does deal some minimal amount of fire and lightning damage. Keep in mind that ele weakness's damage gets better with quality, whereas frostbite does not. Before quality, frostbite deals more damage.

The last slot is currently occupied by purifying flame. It's not the most impactful spell for the build, but it is a source of consecrated ground, which gives 100% spell crit chance against enemies standing on it (good for elemental overload, and for procs like tailwind on crit or flask charges gained on crit), and 6% life regen while you're standing in it. Since BV is effectively a melee spell and the build is good at face-tanking, it's very realistic to stand inside your consecrated ground.

Also, sometimes purifying flame targets a far-away pack and clears it completely thanks to the chest explosions.

Blade blast would be a convenient way of unnerving bosses with a trigger weapon, but unfortunately it interacts with BV by blowing up all our BV stacks. We don't exactly want that.

Shield three-link: Shield charge

Standard shield charge setup for speed and fortify on hit. When mapping, either the pack dies before you can touch it, or you get fortify on hit. In both scenarios you feel safe.

Boots four-link: Vaal skills and utility

Increased duration scales molten shell, vaal molten shell and vaal righteous fire. Second wind does not affect vaal skills and does not give a second charge of molten shell, but it does increase the cooldown recovery speed between molten shells. If you have no other source of frenzy charges, blood rage goes here in the green gem socket instead of second wind. 20/20 Blood rage also gives a 20% attack speed buff on top of the frenzy charges, so you can always keep it on if speed is your main concern, but it's another degen on top of RF.

Gloves four-link: Vigilant strike

Vigilant strike is a more reliable way of getting fortify against bosses than shield charge. I'm in hardcore so I'm a bit more paranoid about that, but if you don't care that much then gloves are definitely the flex slot for using other gems. You could also keep the vigilant strike, but support it with less than 3 gems.

Ancestral call makes targeting a lot easier with vigilant strike and gives attack speed with gem quality (I also recommend toggling on "always attack without moving" for vigilant strike as it feels a lot less clunky to use). Fortify support adds 34% increased fortify duration to vigilant strike, bringing the duration from 11 seconds to 13 seconds. Do note that fortify is a buff and not a skill effect, so it is scaled by buff duration and fortify duration, but not by skill effect duration (hence why fortify support and not increased duration support). Faster attacks support speeds up the animation. This is a green gem, so you could use culling strike support instead for a cheap source of culling.


I prefer Solaris as major overall, though you could also map with Lunaris and just use Solaris for bosses. They both have good upgrades.

For minor, shakari's 5% reduced chaos damage taken is the best all-rounder with divine flesh, but they also have some utility if you prefer, outside of aberrath and ryslatha which I'd completely avoid. Ralakesh helps with big bleeds if you have no staunching, tukohama is good at face-tanking stuff like mino without moving, gruthkul is some overall tankiness, garukhan has some movespeed, and upgraded yugul is better than shakari for cold mitigation in specific encounters like uber elder

Leveling tips

While you could theoretically league-start as a BV ranger, it's just not very good.

I rolled the build on day 3 of the league with not enough power-leveling gear to justify going BV, so I leveled as caustic arrow / toxic rain instead and respecced to BV once I reached the blood aqueducts.

While blade vortex can be used, the most glaring issue is that the ranger start doesn't have any damage nodes for it. The closest damage nodes for a spellcaster are in the shadow area, but the build doesn't want to path there in the long term so realistically your first damage nodes are in the templar or witch starting areas. You get there around lvl 60, which is why I respecced at that moment.

So if you do go BV for leveling, your best bet is to stock up on power-leveling items to carry you through the first 8 acts, while working towards the final tree and pathing towards templar and witch. Thankfully BV (and vaal BV!) have great base damage, so it's possible to level without damage nodes as long as you have some damage gear.

Caustic arrow is an amazing leveling skill for rangers and is 100% league-start viable. However, without leveling gear, you would need to spec heavily into a caustic arrow passive tree for it to deal enough damage

Example early tree for caustic arrow:
The issue is that the more you spec into caustic arrow, the more orbs of regrets you need to spend. Ideally you'd use leveling gear (for example, a cheap 5-link silverbranch) to improve your damage while going for a passive tree that requires minimal respeccing towards BV

Example: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.11.1/AAAABAIDAADuAdEDohUgIuIknSpNLOk1kj8nR-JKyFltX5hiWm6qcaF9dX-WhrOPT59toSKiQKQ5p9Sv67UItfLEos8y037Yvd-Y73r0-Paj_rr-yA==
This requires you to refund 21 points (or only 11 points if you pick nature's boon/adrenaline instead nature's reprisal for your normal lab, but reprisal is a huge buff to your leveling), most of which is covered by quest rewards.

A deeper dive into mana flask mechanics, life and mana sustain, and righteous fire
Here's an obscure reddit post I stumbled unto that helped me understand how much life and mana flasks could be scaled:
TLDR; there are many different ways of scaling mana flasks (e.g. local flask quality, flask mana recovery rate, increased mana recovery from flasks, flasks applied to you have increased effect), and because these are individually NOT the same modifiers, they stack with each other multiplicatively instead of additively.

With this information in mind, here is how much a mana flask can be scaled:

The two best mana flasks are divine and eternal mana flasks

Eternal mana flasks recover 1800 over 7 seconds, so a little over 257 per second.
Divine mana flasks recover 1400 over 5 seconds, so 280 per second.

I'll use a divine mana flask for this calculation, but the principle is the same for an eternal mana flask (just a bit less recovery per second, and substantially more duration).

The "enduring" prefix is necessary for the build, as otherwise your mana flask would toggle off everytime your mana pool is full. This prefix reduces the duration of your flask by 30%. Since patch 3.10, it unfortunately also reduces the amount of mana recovered from the flask by 30%.

As a result, an enduring divine mana flask recovers 686 mana over 3.5 seconds, or 196 mana per second.

Flask quality usually increases base duration, but in the case of life and mana flasks it increases amount recovered instead. Lvl 3 Hillock in research allows flasks to go up to 26% quality (it's 20% otherwise with glassblower baubles), so 26% more mana recovered. 1.26x196 = 246.96 mana per second.

Increased effect of flasks on you then further scales this. I have 84% increased effect on my current character, so 246.96x1.84 = 454.4 mana per second

This can be multiplied with increased mana recovery from flasks. My character currently has 130% of that stat, so 454.4x2.3 = 1045 mana per second

Finally, the somewhat obscure increased flask recovery rate stat is another source of a more multiplier. Herbalism gives 20%, and belts can roll up to 30% (with 20% fertile catalyst quality, and a max-rolled deafening essence of misery mod). A more normal belt can roll up to 20%. Assuming 50% increased flask recovery rate, this is 1045x1.5 so a total of 1567.5 mana recovered per second

TL;DR - Over 1500 mana per second from an enduring divine mana flask is possible

Because all those modifiers buff your mana flask directly, they also apply to your life recovery because of Indigon's "Non-instant Mana Recovery from Flasks is also Recovered as Life". It might be possible that some of those modifiers that scale mana flasks do not actually apply to life, as it is hard to test and these mechanics can be a bit obscure, but the eye-test suggests that they do. As a side-note, "Life Recovery Rate" does act as a more multiplier to the life gained from the mana flask+indigon interaction, so this affix (e.g. on belts or chest) can be useful if more life sustain is what you are after.

Mana recovery rate then further scales this, BUT only the mana recovery part, not the life recovery, as it is a direct modifier to your mana recovery and not to your mana flask. This is still useful, because with Indigon the build is a lot more mana-starved than it is life-starved. Better mana sustain is better survivability, but also better damage if you choose to aggressively spend your mana.

Mana recovery rate also acts as more multiplier on mana regeneration. This helps, but it's worth noting that scaling mana regeneration is not what this build is primarily interested in. Mana regeneration can be scaled to insane proportions, but this is more suited to an archmage agnostic build with a bigger mana pool, lots of mana regen rate on the tree and gear, and sources of % base mana regen such as cloak and defiance and necromancer's essence glutton.

As a final point about how mana flasks sustain the build, it's worth noting that this is a flat source of mana/life recovery. As such, if your pool is smaller but your mana flask recovery really high, you will recover a really high percentage of both pools every second. The reverse is also true: if you scale your pool really high but don't scale your mana flask that well, you might end up with a more disappointing percentage recovery per second.

This interacts with sustaining righteous fire. RF's degen is based on a percentage of your maximum life, so the higher your life the more flat degen per second. If you're having trouble sustaining RF, you might want to increase your mana recovery from flasks in proportion to your life total. Also, the RF degen is only based on your life, but it will degen your mana due to mind over matter. In the end, though, mana flasks can be scaled so much that you end up recovering your mana really quickly even through RF and indigon's mana cost increase.

RF can also be better sustained by mitigating its degen. The build does this through divine flesh and raising max resists to 77 elemental and 90 chaos resistance. Nature's boon "6% reduced elemental damage taken" and Wise Oak's "During Flask Effect, 10% reduced Damage taken of each Element for which your Uncapped Elemental Resistance is lowest" (as long as fire is among your lowest resistances) also mitigate RF.

Ideas to adapt the build to softcore (speedclearing or just more damage)
The build clears very well as is, but there's a lot that could be done to make it faster.

-No Witnesses can be anointed on your amulet to receive elusive on kill
-Tailwind boots for 10% more action speed
-Amplify and blast radius are right by your path on the passive tree. These don't scale your BV radius by that much since the build already runs intensify on its mapping setup, but it does help the explodey chest a lot
-A lvl 25 BV gem would give one more base radius. My current character only has a lvl 24 BV. This can be accomplished by having +1 to all spell skill gems on your weapon on top of the +1 phys, or by corrupting your chest and getting an increase to your BV level
-Smoke mine on your gem setup for the movespeed buff. The build scales skill duration so this is fairly efficient. It would require removing some other gem setup (probably vigilant strike if speed is your goal), and also takes a spot on your skillbar
-Wear Headhunter. Scales well with a conversion build
-Go crit. It's worse for explodey chest scaling, but better for BV damage

I was poking around on poe.ninja, and there are some really min-maxed softcore variants of this build concept out there. Feel free to look them up for inspiration

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not use the Agnostic keystone?

It's useful before Indigon, as a way of indirectly sustaining your life pool through a mana flask. After Indigon, your life sustain is great anyway, and it's your mana pool that most often requires more sustain. Agnostic wouldn't help in that context.

Why not go dodge?

It's a viable alternative if you want to take the build that way, as pathfinder is great at stacking dodge. I chose against it because:
1) Acrobatics, phase acrobatics and wind dancer (not necessary, but a great payoff for going dodge) take up quite a few nodes on the passive tree, compared to armour-stacking which takes nothing except a flask slot
2) I built my character around juggernaut-style hard mitigations instead of chance to avoid damage. With enough hard mitigations, boss-killing becomes a breeze as you know almost nothing can possibly kill you, and most maps don't scratch you at all. However, you're weaker against situations where you get hit by a ridiculous number of attacks under one second - stuff like stacked Blight and Harvest mobs are big culprits in that regard.

Here a couple of great questions from KrevvyTV from the previous thread, with my answers

How would a scion version be? (Mainly thinking about assa + PF)

Yes, it can work for sure. Scion is a completely reasonable alternative to PF

Do you think it would be possible to integrate Rumi's + Glancing blows and go max block? If so, would it be worth it?

You would need to cut something else, but it's a solid option. One issue is that glancing blows benefits heavily from things like 5% life on block. Since this is an MoM build, ideally you'd have both life on block and mana on block, which is doable but there's already a lot of solid influenced affixes that the build can benefit from on a shield.

Flask slots are also super limited. The logical option would probably be to remove the granite of iron skin for the rumi's. On my current character, this downgrades the armour from 25k to 11k, and makes molten shell somewhat mediocre.

However, mitigating 37.5% of damage on average is a big deal, even without sustain on block. You'd need to cut some passive skills somewhere, but it can be worth it.

Capping the spell block would take some effort, since even a beefed up max-rolled rumi's is only 18% spell block. A shaper shield with life on block, mana on block and increased chance to block spell damage is theoretically possible. More realistically, you can craft some spell block on the shield as a suffix. There's some spell block on crusader and shaper amulets, but these don't give skill gem levels for BV. Then there's mystic bulwark which is a stellar node for MoM block builds, and you can grab some AoE nodes on the way there, but you'd need to cut some more points elsewhere.

A scion version of the build could go PF + necro and put bone offering on its trigger weapon.

Sorry if this is a bit rambly, but I do think the block avenue is interesting. I chose to focus on hard mitigations instead, but with how great block is this patch it's definitely a viable alternative. A lot of things would need to change though, and in many ways the build would start looking more like an archmage necro or scion-necro

What was behind your decision to not go crit?

A couple reasons:
1) Elemental overload scales the explodey chest better than crit
2) Limited flask slots (a diamond flask probably can't ever make it in, and bottled faith is amazing for dps but would have to bump out a more defensive flask like wise oak)
3) I underestimated how good Harvest-crafting was. In another league, capping your resists and getting the affixes you want on your gear while also adding crit affixes just doesn't sound realistic in hardcore trade. The tree doesn't have much room for scaling crit, so most of it would have to come from your gear. This league, it's a possibility though

So at the end of the day, I have no problem imagining how a softcore version of the build could cut some defenses and reach 20m+ shaper dps by going crit (especially with your scion PF+assassin idea). Perhaps even in hardcore, but that would require some DirtyDan levels of gear quality, and even then I think you'd lose some defenses. In any case, it is a good option.

Couldn't a hybrid flask be a good idea for fortify from hardened scars?

I have liked hardened scars on previous characters, but I don't think there's room here. You'd lose an anoint (aqueous accelerant is fairly impactful) and a whole flask. I'd rather have the mitigations (and damage) from either wise oak or the granite of iron skin and a fortify that's mostly up, than a guaranteed perma-fortify. Since BV is pretty much a melee skill and is a duration skill, standing near bosses and using vigilant strike is convenient enough, and shield charge is fine while mapping. Fortify does drop often on Sirus because of his teleporting and invulnerability, but his beam can be tanked without it anyway

This is my first guide and very much a work in progress. If this piques your interest, hit me up with what you'd like to see/have explained to you.
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Hi, it's me again. I just finished crafting the chest and I believe I got really lucky with the awakener's gamble.

Now I'm currently trying to craft the sceptre and here's what I rolled so far.

Is this worth keeping? Idk how to reroll the t2 flat cold to spells for another better prefix without removing the cast speed. Any tips?
_Kalec_ wrote:
Hi, it's me again. I just finished crafting the chest and I believe I got really lucky with the awakener's gamble.

Now I'm currently trying to craft the sceptre and here's what I rolled so far.

Is this worth keeping? Idk how to reroll the t2 flat cold to spells for another better prefix without removing the cast speed. Any tips?

Nice job on the chest!

T2 flat cold to spells is keepable but not very inspiring. You can remove/add cold safely if you want to keep the cast speed, as hatred is not a cold mod. It's not also not the end of the world if the cast speed gets removed with remove/add caster, even though it's a nice roll.

To quote the guide:
If you want to mostly guarantee cast speed after having crafted your prefixes, you can remove the "cannot roll attack modifiers" mod and craft "% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells." This allows you to augment a caster modifier while blocking crit chance for spells, most likely resulting in a cast speed augment.

Cast speed and critical strike chance are the two super common caster suffixes you can roll on the sceptre, so blocking one makes it easy to get the other. It is true that you might get unlucky with a really bad cast speed roll, which is fixable either with remove/add speed modifier, or crafting "prefixes cannot be changed" and using remove/add caster. Both of these options are a bit expensive.

Also, at the end of the day, cast speed is only a quality of life mod for the build. There's other mods you might prefer, like a 30% increased cold damage suffix, chance for spells to deal double damage or movement speed when you've hit recently
I think I've spent almost 3 ex on rem/add cold crafts and hit jack shit. Right now I have tier 3 cold dam to spells + cold pen hybrid as the only prefix and wondering if I just keep sinking money into crafts or just fucking deal with the shit prefix. Kind of demoralizing haha.
Last edited by Laere on Jul 13, 2020, 5:19:30 PM
_Kalec_ wrote:
Hi, it's me again. I just finished crafting the chest and I believe I got really lucky with the awakener's gamble.

Now I'm currently trying to craft the sceptre and here's what I rolled so far.

Is this worth keeping? Idk how to reroll the t2 flat cold to spells for another better prefix without removing the cast speed. Any tips?

how i crafted the scepter (if u in ssf that wont work for sure) i just bought a scepter with t1 mana and +1 to phys spells with random mods i was able to remove with harvest. once u have a clean +1 gems + mana scepter u can simply follow the steps in the guide

how do i post items here? i might need some help :| think i fucked up on the shield xD
Last edited by bahnschranke on Jul 13, 2020, 5:25:41 PM
Laere wrote:
I think I've spent almost 3 ex on rem/add cold crafts and hit jack shit. Right now I have tier 3 cold dam to spells + cold pen hybrid as the only prefix and wondering if I just keep sinking money into crafts or just fucking deal with the shit prefix. Kind of demoralizing haha.

That sucks to hear. T3 Cold pen + flat cold hybrid is not too bad though, you could keep that. According to PoB, it's more damage than T1 flat cold to spells

how do i post items here? i might need some help :| think i fucked up on the shield xD

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alright here it is (its not done yet ik i have to remove def and aug life and reroll charges) but is there a way to reroll the max chaos res? if i just spam reroll chaos its just a gamble right?
Last edited by bahnschranke on Jul 13, 2020, 5:32:21 PM
bahnschranke wrote:

alright here it is (its not done yet ik i have to remove def and aug life and reroll charges) but is there a way to reroll the max chaos res? if i just spam reroll chaos its just a gamble right?

Looks fine. The charges are gonna be hard to reroll cause that seed is rare

You can remove/add chaos until you get +3% to max chaos res. If it removes the chaos resistance instead (which sucks, nice T1 roll), I would augment something cheap that you can easily remove to fill up the suffixes, so that way the chaos prefix is a lot easier to reroll.
Last edited by Niedzwiedz on Jul 13, 2020, 5:41:08 PM
Niedzwiedz wrote:
bahnschranke wrote:

alright here it is (its not done yet ik i have to remove def and aug life and reroll charges) but is there a way to reroll the max chaos res? if i just spam reroll chaos its just a gamble right?

Looks fine. The charges are gonna be hard to reroll cause that seed is rare

You can remove/add chaos until you get +3% to max chaos res. If it removes the chaos resistance instead (which sucks, nice T1 roll), I would augment something cheap that you can easily remove to fill up the suffixes, so that way the chaos prefix is a lot easier to reroll.

ye, thought aobut that as well. well gotta do it than :/

another question: i checked your profile and u are running a basalt with chance to freeze/shock/ignite and i cant find anything that protects us from bleeding effects?

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