3.11.1b Patch Notes

Thank you so much for modifier types in item descriptions!
After totally useless new stash tabs I can offer something to redeem the situation:
Disable all graphical non-essential features. So game would look like Quake 2 (for example) with no active lightning, blurred textures, minimalistic effects etc. Divert all resources to calculation and loading assets.

I bet such MTX would be complete and utter bestseller!
It is no longer possible to Upgrade Essences, Oils or Maps when viewing the Stash through the Harvest Crafting 'stash view'.

That's fucking bullshit...
Please implement so that you can sell crafts better.
Like put a harvested craft into a seed that's sellable like Beastiary.

Currently you need to sell crafts using various methods, many which is easy to scam people with.
It'sa pure headache to sell crafts, making this league so annoying.

Cannot bother to keep playing like this with the league mechanic 100% useless for me that don't like to craft and making currency out of it is super annoying.

I guess cya next league unless something about craft selling improves.

y3lw0rC wrote:
From what I gather so far, one of the best patch lines would be "You can now disable bloom".

I really don't understand what is going on in GGG's mind. Are they deliberately adding those forced graphical features for the game look less ugly or something? Do they think themselves that without it the game looks too bad?

Like WTF.

and posts about it get moderated with the premise of being "needlessly negative". I continue to reply to those moderation emails with the question of why it is considered "needless". I think that the fact that I can no longer play due to Bloom causing health problems quite enough of a "need".

I am deeply saddened at the direction that GGG has recently been and is continuing to head in. This is imho no longer the same company that released the game that I came to love prior to this league and all its new "content".
I loved Path of Exile.
I do not love Path of RNG.
Bloom gives me migraines, the over usage of darkness strains my eyes.
Save our game, remove all of the constant RNG and allow us to turn off Bloom or give us an in game brightness control!
TreeOfDead wrote:
change lab reward system alrdy! stop give away to same dood all emperor jewels its never was fair race or even race from start

Last I checked there were 3 different people winning lab, dood.
innervation wrote:
TreeOfDead wrote:
BUFF seeds drop! they drop very poorly and not enough at all
just buff seed drop rate again more

This can't be serious. 10 free targeted annuls and exalts per hour isn't enough? Just from doing the rudimentary T1 mechanic?

We've reached the God/Noah scenario. Flood the game GGG. Start her over from scratch.

He's not a serious player. He wants everything gifted to him. Just look at the rest of the post.
Reduced the frequency that Raised Zombies play their idle audio. It's freaking AMAZING!!! God Bless you GGG, you finally did it !!!
Was Arcance Cloak's visuals updated? It seems different...

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