3.11.1b Patch Notes

Still no disable bloom. Thanks. Perhaps one day I might be able to play again.
I loved Path of Exile.
I do not love Path of RNG.
Bloom gives me migraines, the over usage of darkness strains my eyes.
Save our game, remove all of the constant RNG and allow us to turn off Bloom or give us an in game brightness control!
TreeOfDead wrote:
BUFF seeds drop! they drop very poorly and not enough at all
just buff seed drop rate again more

This can't be serious. 10 free targeted annuls and exalts per hour isn't enough? Just from doing the rudimentary T1 mechanic?

We've reached the God/Noah scenario. Flood the game GGG. Start her over from scratch.
Vaal EQ seemed a bit buggy now sometimes doesnt activate if you press it during an attack. (might be visual or actually the case not 100%)
Natthy wrote:
It is no longer possible to Upgrade Essences, Oils or Maps when viewing the Stash through the Harvest Crafting 'stash view'.

Why so??

They prolly think what we aregetting too much alch drop in this league.


This is a nerf (c).
Haven't been able to play for more than 20 minutes since patch. Keeps crashing to desktop with no crash log. everything was fine from harvest launch up until this patch. I'll keep troubleshooting on my end, but at the moment, game broke.
There is no situation whatsoever where forced bloom is necessary. This is like if you guys randomly added motion blur to everything and forced it on. Reducing it or having a toggle for "slight" isn't enough; let us turn it off. The game looks like a dream sequence.
Nice changes, still lokking forward to a harvest template save/load, just like hideouts
Last edited by Razzeris on Jul 10, 2020, 2:45:13 AM
Modifier tags are now displayed when holding Alt while you have the Advanced Mod Descriptions setting enabled. (Currently just the tags used by Harvest and Fossil crafting, but this will be improved upon later)

Such a nice and clean implementation!
... is not a troll
From what I gather so far, one of the best patch lines would be "You can now disable bloom".

I really don't understand what is going on in GGG's mind. Are they deliberately adding those forced graphical features for the game look less ugly or something? Do they think themselves that without it the game looks too bad?

Like WTF.
Memory leak seems to be finally fixed. 2021 EDIT: NOP, WE HAVE IT AGAIN.

Say HI to useless forced Bloom :D.
And also say hi to crashes to desktop with no error...

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