3.11.1b Patch Notes

Shepnerd wrote:
Reduced the frequency that Raised Zombies play their idle audio. It's freaking AMAZING!!! God Bless you GGG, you finally did it !!!

YES THX A LOT , i already went crazy last days...
Others have mentioned increasing the size of storage tanks in Harvest and also trying to continue to make things clearer (connections etc).

Being able to purchase larger tanks would help to solve both problems as you would not have as many cables flying around all over the place.

Naturally, I would expect them to cost more lifeforce and as such the existing smaller tanks should still remain in case that is all the lifeforce you have.

Could even add a medium size tank as well (you usually do these things in blocks of three).

You could also use a similar approach with pylons/dispersers.

Overall this would make for less clutter, even if the larger tanks take up morer space. Less clutter makes things clearer which will help with trying to track connections.

Other than that, could you please adjust the timer on the message that pops up about nurturing the big boss plant. I can nip into harvest, plant seeds, come out and be in a map before the message appears!

Thanks for all your hard work and despite the above, I love this league!
Ever since the patch, I crash once every 10-15 minutes.

Client just freezes, and I'm looking at the desktop.

I think the performance change to Volatile Dead did something unexpected.
Reduced the amount of time that the 'Harvest Ready' notification is displayed to 5 seconds (was 15 seconds).

Don't like this change - would be better as an option perhaps?
Please GGG add some button elsewhere that block accidentally clicking on disperser or pylon during explore Delirium fog. During this process I grab some pylon or disperser and destroy infrastucture that i build many hour and when i try swallow lifeforce then i notice that i broke some connection that allow me to do that. I spend many minut to find out where i breake connection. Its look like electrict who try find where cabel is unconnectect and check each time where cabele is unpinned. Its annoing.
I also do not like the reduction in time the harvest ready shows - 5 secs is no good when it appears while you are in a battle!

I end up having to go into the sacred grove to investigate myself as I could not see in time if anything was "ready".

Why not try 10 secs instead of the large drop to only 5s.

I also have clipped distributor tags somehow in battle (I think) and it took ages for me to realise some of my tanks were no longer conncted. Not sure what you can effectively do with this - some kind of lock system would be good.

Anyway - still enjoying the league - just little QOL improvements which is far better than in some leagues from a long time ago..cough.cough..synth..cough.
innervation wrote:
TreeOfDead wrote:
BUFF seeds drop! they drop very poorly and not enough at all
just buff seed drop rate again more

This can't be serious. 10 free targeted annuls and exalts per hour isn't enough? Just from doing the rudimentary T1 mechanic?

We've reached the God/Noah scenario. Flood the game GGG. Start her over from scratch.

Maybe you have but I get 6-9 seeds a drop with a rare bountiful 12-15. Each juicer garden can take 24 seeds and takes 3 cycles. This means they are either idle 2/3 of time or running 2/3 capacity. If you running 3 juicers and 3 craft then they running at under 20percent capacity with rarity of tier 2 and 3 seeds.

This is actually extremely generous as does not factor in when you get a serious monopoly on a single colour dropping that can lead to the draining of needed juice supply.

This is on top of wasting map portals if you want to do serious crafting or simply burning maps for gardens alone and play FarmVille.

The only way you can have that sort of turnover is using bot accounts to suppliment your seed stocks or buying seeds. The math doesn't lie.
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This league is a big bug and for me the worst ever ... y i know i can craft crazy stuff but fun is 0 honestly...

tones of abusing bugs,

instead of doing a easy league and solving rly big problems like perfomes on the console or the market getting more and more controlled by china farmers and ppl keep buying currency from them is just sad....

u should finnaly work on a direct buy and maybe remove stuff in the market after some time is flooded with trash items....

its just getting worse
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