Harvest Boss Kill Event on Consoles has been Extended

As you know, at launch of the Harvest expansion we introduced an event that would reward the first player to slay the Heart of the Grove boss in Hardcore Solo Self-Found, as well as ten other players from any Harvest league who managed to kill this boss on Xbox One and PS4. Initially, the event should have ended at 5pm on Thursday July 2 (PDT), however, as no one has killed the Harvest boss on consoles in HCSSF league yet, we've decided to extend this event for one more week. This means you have until 5pm July 9th PDT to achieve the goal of the event. If after the one week extension there are fewer than 30 entries into the event, we'll award these prizes to the first 10 players to kill this boss rather than making it a random draw.

Good luck, Exiles!
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Noone has killed it because the game runs like ass. An extra week won't fix that
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Maybe if the game was even half playable on consoles we could actually make some progress but noooo it's been more than a week and I still can't go 10min without having a blue screen crash butt yea no best of luck to those who are actually going to attempt this...
Thank you GGG!! It's been a fun challenge and I want to thank you for including us in this event.

My only hopes is that if there are future events in addition to having HCSSF split into its own group that we could have prize pools for each of the servers of choice to encourage people to try things outside of their comfort zone.

This motivated me to try HCSSF for the first time. Got to 47 then 57 before a Bluescreen got me. But it's all learning, on console the connection loss is a challenge that I will have to work into my next attempt. I've been hunting for ideas.

Just to clarify, with the week extension for us all. Does that mean there is also a time limit on HCSSF? Or will that still just be if someone can do it, they get it?

Maybe, just maybe... Id go for round 3 :)

Thanks again for all you do. We love you, even if we constantly complain <3
Thank-you for the update! Will be doing all I can to try and knock down the boss in time.
So for those that completed the challenge in the first week but aren't ssfhc there is no benefit having done it in time?
Also why doesn't the ladder update to show those who have killed the boss?
Does it surprise you that no one has completed this in HC?

With the lag/desync AND DC deaths why would anyone punish themselves with 60+hrs of pain to die to some T3/T4 seed bug before the harvest boss?

Please please please, us console peasants are begging you. PLEASE OPTIMIZE CONSOLE PERFORMANCE.
Thank you for the extension! There are a few us of pushing hard on HCSSF on PS4 and I can't speak for everyone but the extra week definitely helps! I am not sure if there will be 10 people in the ladder that will be able to do it in time but I can see at least one of the guys in the top 10 getting the kill lest a blue screen gets them!
Rekt_that wrote:
Noone has killed it because the game runs like ass. An extra week won't fix that

Games totally playable on console, I got world first console awakener kill and console awakener 8 kill in hardcore metamorph league.

Game runs fine on xbox, this league is smooth as fuck.

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