Harvest Boss Kill Event on Consoles has been Extended

As you know, at launch of the Harvest expansion we introduced an event that would reward the first player to slay the Heart of the Grove boss in Hardcore Solo Self-Found, as well as ten other players from any Harvest league who managed to kill this boss on Xbox One and PS4. Initially, the event should have ended at 5pm on Thursday July 2 (PDT), however, as no one has killed the Harvest boss on consoles in HCSSF league yet, we've decided to extend this event for one more week. This means you have until 5pm July 9th PDT to achieve the goal of the event. If after the one week extension there are fewer than 30 entries into the event, we'll award these prizes to the first 10 players to kill this boss rather than making it a random draw.

Good luck, Exiles!
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