Next week we plan to deploy Patch 3.11.1 and will preview its patch notes next week. In the meantime, we wanted to provide some general indication of what we're working on in the immediate future. While not all of these changes will be in next week's patch, we'll aim to get as many of them in as possible.

In case you missed them, we've already released several small updates with improvements to Harvest. You can find them here, here, here, here, here and here.

General Harvest Improvements

  • We're working on a new reward item that can drop from both Harvest monsters and the Final Boss. There are several variations of it that you can receive randomly. It has a limited number of uses and can be placed within your garden to produce more Lifeforce from nearby plants, create luckier crafting outcomes, or provide a chance to generate additional crafting options for each of the ones you planted. We're brainstorming other stuff it could do also.
  • The colours of growth meters on plants have been improved so that it's easier for colourblind players to differentiate between Wild and Primal plants. We are also investigating changing the UI artwork of these so that you can tell the difference more easily without relying on colour.
  • We've added stairs to the terrain around the Sacred Grove's portal to improve its accessibility.
  • Increased the number of seeds that drop in maps, particularly mid-tier and rarer seeds. You now receive a lot more seeds from the highest-tier maps.
  • Harvest Crafting options will be sorted by their tier rather than their Lifeforce cost and will also be grouped together by their crafting type.

Improvements to Final Harvest Boss Fight

  • The final boss fight will guarantee that you receive a few of the new reward item mentioned above.
  • Improved various mechanics to enhance the feeling of the fight.
  • Adding debuff icons to signal when the boss' debuff has been applied to you.
  • Adding a progress percentage value that indicates how close you are to the next boss respawn.
  • Improving various visual components of the fight.
  • Improving the boss' AI so that it's less likely to move onto ground effects and more likely to leave them.
  • Fixed various bugs associated with this fight including the boss being able to get stuck within vine walls.

Vulkan Beta

We're continuing to steadily improve the Vulkan Renderer and would ideally like to get it out of Beta prior to our September launch. Please continue to send reports to us on the bug report forum and we will continue to fix them as soon as possible.

Thank you for all of your feedback since Harvest's launch. We really appreciate it.
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Quick note - the improvements to seed drops may be deployed today.
Keep up with the good work!
Increased the number of seeds that drop in maps, particularly mid-tier and rarer seeds. You now receive a lot more seeds from the highest-tier maps.

All that was needed
Thanks for the changes. Please fix the bug that keeps crafts from updating Harvest Encounters VI!!! This challenge is broken and we're not getting credit.

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