What To Expect This Year

Thank for the update GGG :)

Please reconsider to re-work a bit the currencies stash tab, it really made me sad :((
respect to see the seasons through good job love this game and many thanks .
pak q :D
Yes. Next expansions, mac os port...

How lazy you are. Nothing about Polish language version and others.
It's so pathetic

Harvest garden is somewhat ok. It needs much more love though.

I would suggest as i did few years ago that Poe 2 needs to happen fast. Glad that you took that rout and announced it on exilecon.

Skip the leagues, and open crowd founding for poe 2 as fast as possible. ALLOT of players may quit poe for good before poe2 even comes out since poe started to be repetitive mess that has trouble running on high end pc configurations.

No matter how good league is , it will be tarnished by numerous league mechanics that for some reason made it into the core game. Poe is true example of saying " sometimes less is more" and you twisted that around to the point game can't take any more. To much is to much.

Crowd founding with no new content is better than new content and mtx shenanigans you've been doing for past few years. Do not waste your resources on poe1, game is unsalvageable.
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The countdown to patch 3.14.159 has begun
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love it, hype 3.12 !!!! ( much larger league) that is really amazing to know :)
big HYPE
can't wait for poe 3.12 cause 3.11 is trash :( sadly no info about a flashback league.
Hi! i'm high right now and who are you?
nice Updates. Thank you! But why dont you plan on a longer leaque schedule this year? one expansion in september would be enough. Than some smaller events like races or special map events. and just focus on poe2? For me personally it wouldnt be that bad to only have 2 or 3 leagues but know that you guys are working on my next favorite game poe2 ?=P

That would be much more healthy for everyone i think.

. ALLOT of players may quit poe for good before poe2 even comes out since poe started to be repetitive....

and people complaining about that poe is repetetive didnt get the core of the game. it is clearly a pure grinding game. Dont get it why people complain about grinding and repetetive content in a grinding game lol

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