What To Expect This Year

how about you start legue in january so league is proper tested like it was during metamorph we needed wait almost month for fixes and qol features for league to be enjoyable
Thanks for all the years of exciting new content you have provided. Wishing you all at GGG the very best.
Fix Stash tabs. Thanks
sorry to tel you GGG but you really shouldn't be proud of this league, all just do to the fact you made 2H weapons basically worthless outside cyclone
Please no more Garden please, don't put it in core
Sounds solid... .

Anyway as SSF player I love Harvest crafting system. Wish we could se this in core. Powerful tool in our hands. This is crfazy but we can add or remove almost any prefix / suffix = op :)

Great work
Currently i do not want to know about future leagues. I want to know about the future of THIS league. Harvest is boring and it will die quickly if you do not anything to improve the league mechanics.

At least increase the drops of T1 seeds. It will be a bandaid but a quick solution to make Harvest a little bit more enjoyable.
i'd be perfectly happy to play harvest 50% longer, then play the september expansion till end of year. skip the december expansion all together and get that beta out on time.

i knoww you were excited to show us poe2, but you teased us with such an amazing presentation wwaaaaaay to early.

plus. harvest league is actually really goode!
Just skip the September launch and concentrate on December megapatch. Or cut the lootbox shenanigans already.
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Just sad coz i would like to have a change to win the laptop but this league...no way,not my beach,already quit after 3 days or so.
But i do understand we are all diferent and some people likes this kind of stuff.
Hope this dont go core.
Hope u guys one day start removing some old content wich almost no one plays to fix the servers performance...keeping the best only,think that would help a lot.
Stay safe,the damn Corona had and still have a huge impact in our lives,take more time to launch leagues even if u have to give us some shit to kill and loot,like races,etc,u already did that before.
Keep your good work,i appreciate all your efforts even when i dont like the result.

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