Announcing the Blight, Metamorph and Delirium Stash Tabs

BLIGHT TAB - imagine in std - cand hold only 60 maps....why ? why not make it per tier at least, and u can throw each blighted map of the same tier in that like in normal map tab....why just 60 if u decide to make new league specific tab ?

THe upgrade oils and annoint is very nice.

Metamorph as well....why just 50 of each ? why not like map tabs per item level maybe ?? forgot about std ?

Delirium one is also nice. maybe add also 2 big item slots like in the delve tab. and more map slots ?

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I really prefer all these tabs be condensed into a single interface even if we need to pay for these tabs. Needing to scroll through each of these league tabs to put in the league drops is becoming quite a pain.
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STASH TABS FOR STASH TABS, shame of you guys, WE ALL KNOW u try to make another obviously stash tab with those many seeds from Harvest

More currency in a league = more stash tabs = more money. It's a smart business move, not sure why anyone would be surprised. Self sustaining economy, Create a problem and sell the solution.

Making all kinds of gains.
Need more tabs
One day, there is gonna be the stash tab of stash tabs.
GGG its time to stop make tabs free for fucks sake you sell skins and fucking stash tabs its time to stop just sell skins and make tabs free stop submitting to these dogshit of company called "tencent"
What a nasty cash grab.

This functionality should exist in the fragments tab as sub-sections. You would ctrl-click mats into it and it'd be sorted into sub-tabs.

This sort of storage should logically have been added when those leagues commenced and not after the fact.

Welcome to Path of Tab Storage Sorting.
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But all of this can fit into a single normal/premium tab WTFF
Big fucking yikes from me, If you need to make a stash tab for every problem you create each league (which is so far, about one by league) maybe you should rethink your design philosophy (like you kinda already did with harvest?)

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