We've just introduced three new types of Stash Tab that hold items related to the Blight, Metamorph and Delirium leagues. Each tab costs 40 points and we've also released a limited-time bundle where you can grab all three stash tabs at a discounted total of 100 points. Get yours here.

These stash tabs each hold a higher quantity of items than regular stash tabs and some have convenience features (like the ability to combine Essences in the Essence Tab). They each function like regular Premium Stash Tabs, allowing you all the normal Premium Tab features like colouring the tabs and pricing your items to be listed on trade websites.

The Blight Stash Tab

This stash tab holds up to 5,000 of each type of oil as well as 60 blighted maps. It also allows you to upgrade your oils from your stash tab and anoint your items from the designated crafting window.

The Metamorph Stash Tab

Metamorph Stash Tabs let you store 5,000 of each type of catalyst and up to 50 of each type of organ.

The Delirium Stash Tab

The Delirium Stash Tab lets you store up to 5,000 Simulacrum Maps and 5,000 of each type of Orb of Delirium.

The Blight, Metamorph and Delirium Bundle

For a limited time you can purchase these three stash tabs as a bundle which provides a 20 point discount or the equivalent of receiving one of these tabs at half price. The bundle is 100 points. Purchasing each tab individually would instead cost 120 points.

Our preference is to release these tabs as individual inexpensive tabs like existing Essence and Delve tabs. This allows players to pick whichever tabs are useful to them and gives us room to add to the tabs later as we continue to expand these leagues that are now a permanent part of Path of Exile. We will, of course, continue with updates to the Currency Tab with slots for new currency items that are released with future expansions.

These new tabs will eventually go on sale with normal stash tab discounts. They won't be featured in the stash tab sale happening this coming weekend but they will be featured in the sale that will occur three weeks after that. The bundle will not be further discounted, and will probably be removed in the future because it only makes sense to users who need exactly these three tabs.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support!
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