Introducing Chat for Consoles in Path of Exile: Harvest


Thank you for taking the time to help. I have logged into my account on filterblade and sync many times to no avail. I just did twice to make sure I wasnt crazy. When I am syncing though I am setting to xbox and all my filters are private except one on filterblade to see if that was the Issue. I will keep trying different things because I would like a smooth league start. I feel I may not be representing this correctly. On setting a custom filter it shows all items, I does not change the way they look or make any sounds. I have tried using a bunch of filters, even just a generic one from filterblade.

You may have to verify it on here the first time you create a filter, not sure mine has green checks and looks like - .

You must also still select it in game (log out if you made any changes to refresh).

Or if you think it may be a problem with the filter you made, I have a few public filters you can sub to try out or the ones over
TrueAchievements -

XboxClips -
Does this mean we finally get guilds one day? :3
X2 the same question, we need the Guild
Get ready to be spammed by bots and scammers and people who are just bored shitless shouting "praise the toucan!"

If you were getting spammed by people wanting to buy your 6 link for a chaos orb in trade, well get ready to be spammed in chat!

Is there a way to BLOCK ALL? I dont want to talk to people in any game.
Thanks GGG! 👍. Re-installs POE on Xbox :)
Improving, ty ggg
I'm pretty sure you will be able in closing chat, going anyway to ssf so don't think to hit Spammer there, but let's see when it's starting by tomorrow.
BlazeSTX wrote:
wait ! someone playing poe from console ?
good heavens.

Lots do. I am one of them.
First person to post le toucan will be a legend forever.
Great job GGG! Even in SSF i will have got fun with global 773 chat ! Thank you 👍

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