Introducing Chat for Consoles in Path of Exile: Harvest

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wait ! someone playing poe from console ?
good heavens.
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Great news! Looking forward to a more community orientated POE. 😀
Nice, this is a cut-throat game and now people will be able to add insult to injury.
Wish the armchair developers would go back to developing armchairs.

One of the (few) redeeming features of the console version was the lack of chat.
Oh this is really cool!

Nice to see the console ghetto moving closer to parity with the PC client.

Keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to trying out Harvest!
Fantastic news, congrats to those that have worked hard on the feature. I hope this makes trading a little quicker. Chat will be moderated ? Does this mean you will weed out any bad apples who are extorting players ? ie: players buying all of the tabula's at the end of the league for less than 10c and price fixing them at 1ex, looking at you xbox player.
Jeff_GGG wrote:
Corrison wrote:
When you say "textual chat channels" I assume you mean things like global 820? Do we get options for chat like:
1. Load into a set channel automatically.
2. Hide / disable chat (even more specific to hide when not in town or HO).
3. Chat box position and opacity settings.
4. Block / report users.
5. Moderated chat (similar to PC).
6. Any speech to chat (already a thing for Xbox).

1. Changing chat channels is supported, so changing to a channel like global 820 would be supported.
2. Hiding the chat channels is available in the same way as it is on PC.
3. There are settings in the options to adjust the height and width of the chat box.
4. Blocking and reporting users is supported.
5. Chat will be moderated.
6. I will look into the speech to chat.

Great news! Thank you.
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