How the Harvest Launch Went


1.still laggy/stutter with singapore server (even after i transferred to SSD).
2. the harvest really like need u to have PhD to start harvest.
3. but the outcome from harvest quite nice..especially the socket.

Anyhow, im still suffer with the stutter issue, and worried getting stress if xp lost due to died during stutter.
All and all, if have rate maybe around 7/10. if no stutter issue, should be 10/10.
First league I am actually skipping.
Smooth start trash leage :(
launch was great but now i cant even patch the game ....
lemoncl wrote:
Can we put our pets in Garden

yeah, want my dog to piss on the t4 plant and make it die before I can kill the boss :D
Does anyone already know how the lab was changed or what these new "to the goddess" items do?
Smooth launch indeed! We have a lot of graphical/performance issues now though. I hope you can get some of those cleaned up soon.
Please mark all spawned Harvest monsters on the minimap. The challenge shouldn't be finding that last black leech on the black ground.
I really enjoy the crafting, especially in a private league with no magic/rare drops. I feel like I need to interact with my garden in every single zone and that makes an enjoyable mechanic into an annoyance eventually and I now have the same feeling like with Synthesis now. But I'm an altoholic playing 4 builds in two leagues now so it all becomes a bit confusing. There is definitely payoff for not just auto planting but having multiple gardens for specific mod pools but I too find myself often just auto plant to be able to move on quickly. I don#t know what would change that though. Maybe when the league matured I'll take the time to be specific again. I also need to create seperate "leveling" gardens for my alts since the level dependence on the content doesn't mix well with having characters at different stages in the game.
... is not a troll
Lots of DCs
Lots of texture issues (DX & Vulcan)

not that smooth for me....
Pimousse wrote:
lemoncl wrote:
Can we put our pets in Garden

yeah, want my dog to piss on the t4 plant and make it die before I can kill the boss :D

Don't worry, it will die on its own, the automated sprinkler system you spent 30 mojo on doesn't auto sprinkle anything, you have to manually baby-sit it to make it disperse carrot juice or your high tier seeds will just


"How do you lure the Elder to the centre of the Atlas?"
"A box trap with some candy should do the trick"
When start of new league on console?
We got date but not an time of start

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