How the Harvest Launch Went

Am very happy things went off mostly without a hitch. Thank you for wonderful content <3

Also, am LOVING penance brand.
Launch was smooth, but that is the ONLY good thing I have to say about this league. Sorry GGG, better luck next time. I love the new mystery box though, but I dont want to spend any money in case you think I like this league. I support what I like. This is not it.
This is the smoothest league launch, and the league itself is very interesting,love it, great job guys!
After what I think was the smothest first 5 acts, I got a 5 link at act 6. Oshabi is my new best friend!
Pretty good launch idd. The crafting turned out to be easier and better than i thought. But, i am having texture problems and invisible mobs (AMD user).
Valcrion wrote:
Could you please allow party members to get seeds and garden progression instead of just the instance owner. Its already frustrating enough that the Atlas systems doesn't allow party members to get watchstones even when they help kill the conquer. Having the league mechanic do the same is extremely disappointing.

Hmmm yes there are so many things like this. That discourage you to play with other people, even friends. It always been like that.
I gotta say that this launch went the most smooth for me in any league since I started playing in Late Delve League. I was a bit apprehensive and frustrated early on in trying to figure out the whole league mechanic, but after taking the time to at least obtain some understanding of it, and how it works, I kinda like it. I am sure many other ARPG enthusiasts out there will not like it so much but it is a nice option and change of pace towards the League end-game.

There are a couple of things on my mind however that couple be some form of constructive feedback, that others may have already mentioned in theirs earlier.

First and foremost, Can we please be able to at least put our connecting pole thingies on the outer edges in areas where seeds cant be planted so that we can manage the space a bit better rather than having that pole take up a seed slot? I say this bc I am a bit concerned that some of these higher Tier seeds that request TONS upon TONS of different condensed life force and adjaceny requirements may be a bit too much when we are dealing with multiple plots of seeds with various growth rates. Secondly, if you could trim some of the more unecessary environmental clutter in the garden so that we can manage this space a bit easier, would be a nice thing to help people in general when advancing their garden set-ups.

I wish I had more time for more feedback but now I must get some rest before work tomorrow. Thanks for the new league and content :)

PS some texture issues as well, and some dialogue voice acting seems muted out at times when engaging in certain act questlines. Diala and Otsuni in Act 4 voices pretty much muted after beating the Nightmare boss. Some other instances where quest dialogue voice mutes out in other acts but cant remember exactly at this time where.
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What League? This is just standard with some gardening and crafting mainly for ssf people.
Maps are empty,whose idea was that?
Well that's a bold faced lie, lol.

Constant server crashes / disconnects inside the farm since launch.
Vulkan / DX11 issues melting GPUs.

Plus all your "minor" issues.

This is on par with how terrible Delve released, both mechanically as a theme and technically with users. Just looking at the bug / technical support forums shows a complete lack of "smooth" .

The balls of this news post.
Congrats on the launch, very enjoyable league. And the efforts taken to have most (if not all) of the QoL already there at launch are very appreciated.
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