How the Harvest Launch Went

Could you please allow party members to get seeds and garden progression instead of just the instance owner. Its already frustrating enough that the Atlas systems doesn't allow party members to get watchstones even when they help kill the conquer. Having the league mechanic do the same is extremely disappointing.
Im sure it was easier to launch with half the textures missing, anyway, congratz on another "rush to meet schedule" league launching!
No complaints, other than occasionally freezing and having to get task manager up to close the game.


Much smoother start than delirium, rendering engine snafu notwithstanding. For once I didn't freeze/dc in last battle in lab, which is always a rite of passage (knock on wood because I may end up running a lot of lab this time around for hat lottery).

I got some great screenies of Shadow Love Doll and Plastic Army Mans Silk and Eramir. With no textures, you fill in the colours in your mind's eye.
"How do you lure the Elder to the centre of the Atlas?"
"A box trap with some candy should do the trick"
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Launch was so smooth, no lags and random DCs. Very good job GGG!
Love you all
lemoncl wrote:
Can we put our pets in Garden

As long as they are not Herbivores.
Smooth? yeah sure very smooth, constant lag and kick to log screen.
Would be nice if the last living creatures show up on minimap, sometimes I needed some minutes to find the last one...
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Excuse me? Where did you read the amazing positive feedback of the league? Have you even read reddit or the official forums at all? You might aswell just copy & paste these "How the -LEAGUE- launch went" text to all league launches because all you ever do is claim it to be so successful and receiving great reception when its evidently NOT. Where do GGG read feedback? From journalists who only play 1-2 hours of the game claiming it to be awesome or what? From streamers whose job is to stream PoE and always say the league is amazing the first two weeks until the BS of the league starts spilling out of their mouths? What about the reception from the majority of the players? Nah, just ignore them. Let's keep releasing half finished leagues every 3 months because it obviously works monetary wise.

When will you ever acknowledge the issues with the leagues at launch? Will we ever see a "how the -league- launch went" acknowledging the issues that the community has brought up multiple times? Such as the complexity of harvest for complexity sake, without any depth whatsoever? The stupid layout of the garden? Graphical bugs that has been here since Delirium still not fixed? Stealth nerfs & buffs at the last second such as regarding the Chieftain & Berserker ascendancy buffs? The eternal issue of playing standard where you mess up their atlases completely despite being the permanent mode of the game?

What a joke this company has become as of late. You are well on your way of becoming another corporate Activision game dev sitting on high horses while completely blind to the obvious issues of the game.

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Smooth launch? Good one GGG, you guys have the best jokes.

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