This weekend we launched Path of Exile: Harvest and reached a peak player concurrency of 231,130 players (97.5% of the record we set with Delirium at the height of the international lockdown). It was one of the smoothest launches we've had, with just a few small hotfixes to address minor problems.

Later this week on June 24 (PDT) we'll be launching Harvest to our console platforms! We've also included a few sneaky improvements for consoles which we are sure you'll be excited about. We'll announce this later this week.

We are extremely happy with the reception to Harvest's mechanic and crafting system! It's absolutely wonderful to see the community enjoying and engaging with something that was the result of so much hard work. We are still monitoring feedback to see if there are issues that need to be addressed.

If you've encountered any bugs, please report them in the bug reports forum. Our QA team monitors this forum closely and while they can't reply to everything, they do read everything and process it. We also recommend keeping an eye on our known issues list which we update frequently.

We also released the Angels and Demons Mystery Box which contains 38 new microtransactions, some of which can be combined to create the epic Pandemonium Set. Check out the trailer below or read more about the mystery box here.

Don't forget that we're in the middle of an event where players who defeat the final Harvest boss can go into the draw to win an Alienware Laptop! Find out more here. We are happy to announce that the first player to kill this boss in Harvest Hardcore Solo Self-Found is Waggle and they're the first to win one of these laptops. Congratulations!
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another successful launch!

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Gratz to WAGGLE the WINNER.
League feels ok. But gotta wait till I really start engaging in harvest mechanics beyond T1 auto planting to tell how I really feel about it.
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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Successful launch of the crappiest league ever? We will see, Talisman is hard to beat.
Sneaky Console Improvements! Hazaa!
- Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast:

- Stress-Free PoE Guides: (for all experience levels)
- Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast:

- Stress-Free PoE Guides: (for all experience levels)
Can we put our pets in Garden
Congrats, GGG! Launch was so smooth, I didn't encounter a single bug. Kinda boring! :P

I quite like the league, it's not the worst and not the best one with potential to be one of the either.

Party play is a bit inconvenient though.
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Forum moderation is pathetic.
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