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Harvest Boss Kill Event - What You Need To Know

pro will win ALL prize... nothing new
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CommAshen wrote:
Sporko wrote:
too bad i have a job

Then you can just buy the MTX for a lot less effort :)
how can I buy the option to desactivate all MTXs (mine+other players) ?
Do I need to submit a post or screenshot of me killing the Harvest Boss to be eligible for the draw of the MTX prizes?
Do we have a mail or anything to know we didn't win anything inted of hoping in vain something?
(if we don't win anything that is.)
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Too bad for people who liek to play with their friends and only map with their friends
Rip everyone who has a game breaking bug in this fight and can't defeat her due to ti or instance crash. What about those people?
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I agree with the above post, especially as one of the people who ran into the bug and is unable to fight the boss due to the bug. Is there anyone addressing this?
Bex? Or Anyone? Can we please get an answer on the Oshabi boss bug? What will happen to all those people who got stuck outside or unable to fight the boss because of it?
When is the announcement for the winners of mtx event ?

I too would like to be informed of when the winners of the contest are announced.
(a bit late but:) how is this challange only for pro no life players. all you had to do is : buy a t4 seed for 20c, then get enugh juice to grow it, which takes like 50 maps, and then run 100 maps. lets say you need an additional 100 maps to get to red maps... thats 250 maps in 7 days. At 5 minutes per Map... thats 3 hours a day.

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