Harvest Boss Kill Event - What You Need To Know

Hype Squad Assemble!
As an OG farmer i will say: have fun.
IS the 3.11 passive tree still nowhere to be found!?
Congrats to those who manage this on console.
LOL GGG. With 100k queue talk about fair start. Until the person in line with 100k queue enters the game the one that was only at 1000queue will be at act6 already. Try thinking a little yea.
Well, another thing that is and will be utterly impossible for me to achieve,
I was hoping it didn't have to do with maps :(
How will the first kill be tracked?
farm, farm, farm
For console users, we were hoping to get some consoles as rewards but it wasn't possible unfortunately. However, the first person to slay the ultimate boss on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in Hardcore Solo Self-Found will receive these 10 armour sets!

Seriously ? who care !? Just make a 2000$ computer yourself or a package of ps4 or xbox accessories (gamepad, headset, etc.) and give this ? Don't you guys make enough money omg ? Just with 1% of your month profit would probably be enough to buy 100 of these alienware laptops lol...
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