Earlier this week we announced an event that would reward the first player to slay Harvest's ultimate boss in Hardcore Solo Self-Found on PC. We've also prepared some prizes for console players and gathered more information about how to reach this boss in Harvest.

How The Event Works

The first player on each platform (PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4) to slay the ultimate boss in Path of Exile: Harvest in Hardcore Solo Self-Found will receive one of the top prizes. Additionally, any player who slays this boss in any version of the event (Harvest Standard, Harvest Standard Solo Self-Found, Harvest Hardcore, Harvest Hardcore Solo Self-Found) within the first week will go in the draw to win one of the top prizes.

For PC users, the prize is a laptop provided by Alienware! You can find more information in our original news post here. To participate in the random draw portion of this event, you'll need to slay the boss within the first week after launch by 9am Monday 29 June (PDT).

We're also providing ultimate microtransaction prize packages to ten other players from any Harvest league who kill the end-game Harvest boss within the first week. This prize will be drawn at random. (Note that the person who wins first-kill for HC SSF won't be eligible for these additional prizes. Players can only enter once per character. Additional kills don't reward additional chances. GGG employees are not eligible for prizes.)

The microtransaction prizes are:

For console users, we were hoping to get some consoles as rewards but it wasn't possible unfortunately. However, the first person to slay the ultimate boss on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in Hardcore Solo Self-Found will receive these 10 armour sets! We'll also provide the Stygian bundle of microtransactions described above to ten players on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (20 total). The random draw works identically to the PC version of the event. To participate on console, you'll need to slay this boss by 5pm Thursday July 2 (PDT).

Note that if you're playing Harvest with party members and would like to participate in this event, the person who owns the map where the Harvest boss is slain would receive the kill for the purposes of this event.

How To Grow Harvest's Ultimate Boss

Defeating a monster from a Tier 4 Seed in your garden will allow you to grow the final boss. This final boss doesn't require irrigation, but does require a high number of growth cycles in red maps. (If you fail to defeat it, then it'll occur again after you have harvested enough monsters from red maps. This is a cumulative value, not RNG-driven.)
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