Path of Exile: Harvest Launches Soon

ETA till complete 1h on the preload. 4-9 mb/s speeds. Can support 10mb/s upload once complete until launch.
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very slow download speed :/
Getting antsy now!
Does anyone know why is the steam update so much bigger?
Maurouard wrote:
Does anyone know why is the steam update so much bigger?

I think it's because of Steam's weird file compression for updates.

Was also the main reason why I switched to the standalone client 3 years ago. Hotfixes during leaguestart always took longer for the steam client which was very infuriating at times.
The real question is Why does not GGG launch those updates on the eve of the league ? Every time, low bandwidth players + steam get the axe. Nice.

Launches, early map strats ? Yeah right.
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obviously I'll start ED trickster, you've gutted every other build. all of my non-2h builds lost like 20% dps on POB because of nerfs so we're forced to play ED.
is this normal , have download the torrent 20 Go, then have an update when launch game, so another 5 Go, and now relaunch and have another 7Go !!!!

so is a probleme with the ggkp torrent ?
does anyone know what to do with the downloaded and unzipped content.ggpk file? it is stated to just copy it in an install folder.... which install folder?

update: ahhh, i see... in the folder where i installed poe to there is already an existing content.ggpk. maybe just replace the old one by the new one? i will try ;-)
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Keep in mind that if you haven't taken advantage of it yet, it's still possible to get a free Thaumaturgy Mystery Box when you spend any amount of points in the store. NOTE: this is only possible once per account.

So... how long has this current event been going (I recall one from a couple weeks back) and how do we know if we qualify or not (i.e. can still get a box on purchase or not). Just saying, since I haven't purchased anything since the last gambling box on purchase offer I saw.

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