Path of Exile: Harvest Launches Soon

i'm using steam client and i copied torrent file into it E:\Games\steamapps\common\Path of Exile but steam is downloading 22 gb update why i downloaded torrent file?
I'm getting "Disconnected from patching server before patching completed" error today trying to reinstall the game. Via VPN I've managed to pass to downloading state but after reloading servers it came back.
Any advices? VPN doesn't help now. Disabling net software doesn't either. Now I have 6 objects in PoE directory that takes 22 Gbs. 8-(
All downloaded and ready to go via steam!

After a brief look when logging in it appears the queue is nearly 20,000 for washington DC (US) with nearly 1 and a half hours to go.
Thanks for the torrent GGG. I was bit late to the party, but I think I can maybe get 1.5 ratio before league start with my 200/20 connection.
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nice try giving streamer advantage with they 200mb conexion so they gonna enter the queue first with 30mb the queue was up and it was not finish downloading...
what ever ...5min not gonna change anything right...
lol steam is not working the path from torrent is for client outside the steam version you dummy...jk but dont use steam take 6month to download a path and it gonna be alot so your fik
it's easier for them to say download the full game, very bad
themindx wrote:
Thanks <3
Let's hope that the servers will stay strong during the launch.
1/ why are they using server only downloads in 2020, specially for those large files (or even other patches) ? can't put some peer-to-peer distribution for those downloads within the game ? Does GGG enjoy paying extra fee for large bandwidth/file uploads ? Does GGG enjoy us lagging early league because some other players are downloading the game at the same time ?

2/ why 7 to 16 Gigs of data for some update, especially for a game that is currently (and that's a design mistake) server calculation oriented ?

3/ why gaming servers should also be the same as "forums" ? just lets hope they have separate servers for shopping microtransactions unless someday some ingame bug/exploit/whatever will drain your bank account too ...

4/ I bet that if someday they put some vocal communication (or whatever) into the game they're going to the very same game servers ...

I am ready.
With 30 minutes to go the queue is up to nearly 45,000!

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