Path of Exile: Harvest Launches Soon

Why do console PS4 players have to wait till new league start? Because this is BS. 😡
ggg u should have kept beyond mod on atlas device. or all mods. so we could choose ourselves what mod we play. this every league random force modes are just plain dumb.
Downloaded the whole 24GB torrent link, unzipped it into my poe and overwritten old Content.ggpk, now the client checks resources for 20 minutes then try to download a 25GB patch? Is the game 49 GB now?
Why are you guys resetting the xbox version on a wednesday at 6 pm EST? Why not just do it on Friday so that people can play through the weekend like on PC? Just do console resets a week later than PC then. Kind of annoying to launch a league in the middle of the week.

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