Path of Exile: Harvest Launches Soon

cant wait :3
unzip after move to poe dir?
That Torrent Tracker list though, shows the most random trackers as possible. It feels like you could almost add your own tracker in there and publish it to show up in the tracker list.

Why does it have to have so many trackers anyway? Just host it in one or two places and let the Torrent Client share the rest from users downloading and sharing the file.

It seems to work exactly like this at least in qBittorrent, you can probably add anything as a Tracker to the list... Guess that's how Torrents work in general, but anyway.

TFW there are more trackers than seeds right now...
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This is the first season I'll be playing at launch!
I'm on steam, does anyone know when I will be able to download the patch?
I'm guessing after the realms go down and before harvest launches, anyone know anything more specific?
Can we preload on steam?
Torrent is so slow lol...
Is there a preload on steam?
H3llnite wrote:
Is there a preload on steam?


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