Path of Exile: Harvest - Cultivating Your Garden & Crafting Outcomes

I didn't really like Synthesis which was a heavy crafting league, and I'm not sure I'll be much into this one either. It can be said that Betrayal was a crafting league. but there was at least something combat related to do with that league.

This looks incredibly tedious and the last thing I really want to do after work is look up a 15 page spreadsheet.

It seems from the reading like the grove is temporary each time and so a stockpile of good bases will be needed in order to attain an outcome.

IDK I'll try it of course but I'm preparing for disappointment.

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Now I know why did Chris say: we may destroy the game in this league
Does the Harvest crafting work together with metamod?

Like prefix cannot be changed and target one of the suffix? (Like 1 suffix want to keep, 1 want to go, and " prefix cannot be changed" as the last suffix. And don't want the Harvest craft target any prefix)
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quote from the first page: "Please post one thread per issue, and check the forum for similar posts first"
MVMolina87 wrote:
superbomb1967 wrote:
geesus christ. another league where you need an offline guide to participate. can you guys just balance skills and make something fun without adding 5785663 new currency items and recipes for the top 1% to craft.

joly shit quit outthinking yourselves.

make gameplay fun with decent drops - not all this bullshit currency trading league shit

Then you're in the wrong game. You should go play Diablo or something, at least they have the same items over and over again.

dang... :D
I don't see exchange 10 Exalted Orb for a Mirror why?????
Can we have an option to click the automation button and sacrifice all the confusing BS crafting options for a small chance at an exalt?

If not, I may skip the mechanic altogether and just rush to maps so I can farm currency and just buy the one craft I need.
"You may also eventually find a way to store crafting options for later use via a Horticrafting Station. This, like other infrastructure elements, will need to be connected to a Collector to function, but can store a limited number of crafting options indefinitely."

I am so glad you guys listened to the community and quickly added this feature. Thank you and good job. But still, here's to less bugs than last league. Cheers!
it would be better that, we had the crafting options always available, but instead of rarity their prices would be much higher (cuz they would always be available)
and the seeds of higher tiers would give exponencial life force than the lower tiers

it would be much more simple
Tier 3
Vivid Abberarach Bulb
Allows you to upgrade an Offering to the Goddess when Harvested

Change an Offering to the Goddess into a Tribute to the Goddess
Change an Offering to the Goddess into a Gift to the Goddess
Change an Offering to the Goddess into a Dedication to the Goddess


What is this? I'm so freaking curious.
"Horticrafting Station" what is that?

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