Path of Exile: Harvest - Cultivating Your Garden & Crafting Outcomes

I give it 5 days till its like bestiary crafting where somebody figured out how to pump out mirror or close to it tier foils for dirt cheap and flip them for mass bank. On the other hand standard is gonna weep when mirror tier gear starts getting mass produced and dumped into the market. 5 t1 mod astral plates selling for 100c. lol
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My wife loves it when I cultivate her sacred grove.
Bex_GGG wrote:
Change an Offering to the Goddess into a Tribute to the Goddess
Change an Offering to the Goddess into a Gift to the Goddess
Change an Offering to the Goddess into a Dedication to the Goddess

what is it? more information pls
И никакой рекламы сервисов.
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Ah man, I hope this is executed well because this mechanic really resonates with me. Great job GGG, always keeping things fresh!
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very impressive, can't wait


Exchange 10 Chaos Orbs for an Exalted Orb
Exchange 10 Orbs of Transmutation for 10 Orbs of Alchemy
Exchange 10 Blessed Orbs for 20 Orbs of Alteration
Exchange 10 Orbs of Alchemy for 20 Cartographer's Chisels
Exchange 10 Chromatic Orbs for 20 Gemcutter's Prisms
Exchange 10 Jeweller's Orbs for 20 Orbs of Fusing
Exchange 10 Orbs of Augmentation for 10 Regal Orbs
Exchange 10 Scrolls of Wisdom for 20 Orbs of Chance
Exchange 10 Simple Sextants for 10 Prime Sextants
Exchange 10 Prime Sextants for 10 Awakened Sextants
Exchange 10 Orbs of Scouring for 10 Orbs of Annulment
Exchange 10 Orbs of Alteration for 10 Chaos Orbs
Exchange 10 Vaal Orbs for 20 Orbs of Regret
Exchange 10 Cartographer's Chisels for 10 Vaal Orbs
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just a input for the future: tanks could just be fixed and automatic

there shouldnt be limits to the stored life force, or it could be at least inproved just like gold for delving

so it would be much more simple to make it all
cultivating a big garden while thinking about possible outcomes and life force storage while managing the rest of the game takes a lot of time
and i dont see a really good point to have to move those tanks around, looks too much like the sims/hideout stuff that will only slow the game, while the cool things, the fight itself will be much faster

just make a fixed area for cultivating, a fixed area for storage and thats it
This is absolutely bonkers, why isn't it tomorrow already???
I can almost see some really tedious, probability-based challenges that must be completed using this crafting system.
Bex_GGG wrote:
Exchange 3 Vaal Orbs for 6 Orbs of Regret

Topmost kek.
Dang im confused af.
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