Path of Exile: Harvest - Cultivating Your Garden & Crafting Outcomes

Scallia wrote:
very curious about what are Lures??

my guess is u sac like a farrul helmet, and get back a lure which improves chances of finding farrul maybe?
So GGG did learn something from the Synthesis mess. Big (huge) thumbs up for sharing this today....
This will be my crafting league.
Need to resist uniques.
Need to resist uniques.
Need to resist uniques.
Wait I want to try slam and warcry first. :)

FarmVille Wreaclast Edition here we go!
This world is an illusion, there is no spoon exile.

"Belief is the strongest metal of them all." - Izaro
oh boi, here we go agane
Welp, this is a real Resident Sleeper.

The one kind of mod that was worthwhile really was "fire to equivalent cold" and so on, and that's apparently in the trailer but not on this list, it's been downgraded to only resistances?

GGG really let the ball down in my book this time around.

This is THE perfect league for casuals and the lucky people to get a GGG synth implicit. Otherwise, it's just a bunch of "5c here" "10c there" kind of league.

Seems like sitting my hideout is gonna be years ahead playing farmville.

wuuutttttt WUT WUT WUT wuuuut u broke the game GGG and I love it

awww shiet i know my build now aww shiet
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I think only of one thing... if harvest doesn't reach the core game in standard, I will uninstall this game forever..
I'm wondering if the color of plants are same for each type, so anyone can try to make an art out of it.
Venevi - Ranger - Standard
Meniet - Witch - Standard
Welp, cant wait to see another reddit thread for omega super secret crafting exploit no one know till months in.

All the bitching and moaning is going to be amazing.
Seems like a way to get some control over the outcome. Less RNG. I welcome that.

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