Path of Exile: Harvest - Cultivating Your Garden & Crafting Outcomes

Finally the first league since Synthesis where we actually can use our brain, I'm tired of these total simpleton mechanics that add no depth to the game.

The only sad here is the wild tier 4 craft, this would have been actual useful and decent if it didnt turn the influence type to fractured. Now it at most has the use of trying to lock 35 ms in place on boots and craft regular boots with it. Or some specific rings and amulets but this entire concept if by far outshined by influence and synthesized items.

Hype for the leaguestart and lets hope the servers are sorta stable during launch!
as a non crafter even I can appreciate some of the crafts are real quality of life things I wish the game had from day 1.

My concerns
- looks hard to figure out the higher tiers seed side of it. Unless a dummies foolproof guide can be made many will struggle/give up.
- Might be very mouse clicky / fatigue generating to use the harvest system
- the people who are masters at this sort of stuff will even be better off.
- how much grind to do this. if you have to put 6 hours a day to grind seeds then in the end it will be still be left to the hard core crowd.

If a casual can successfully do 5-10 crafts from running a small number of maps then it might actually be worthwhile. If for say 1-2 hours of mapping you can barely do 1-2 decent crafts then the retention of casuals will suffer or be happy to use trade. It becomes like playing standard though.

Knowing GGG its targeted on 3 months of 5+ hours per day play so advancement will be slow for those who can put in the physical time. Hopefully not.

This...seems to much.lets hope will not be a hell of a boring mess.
As usual,will give it a shot ;)
Looks awesome!

I'm thinking autopilot through story then look into T2 seeds for crafting mapping weapon!

So happy to see the auto-button, that is a great idea :D
HwtChirino wrote:
MVMolina87 wrote:
superbomb1967 wrote:
geesus christ. another league where you need an offline guide to participate. can you guys just balance skills and make something fun without adding 5785663 new currency items and recipes for the top 1% to craft.

joly shit quit outthinking yourselves.

make gameplay fun with decent drops - not all this bullshit currency trading league shit

Then you're in the wrong game. You should go play Diablo or something, at least they have the same items over and over again.

Shh.. you might get banned for mentioning how D3 is the superior game. Same items > 1 shot mechanics. Same items > RMT players. Same items > headhunter that breaks the game (I'd like to see a player reach 5000+ Delve depth w/o HH or Inspired Learning.) Same items > solo meta game play for any progress (unless you like investing 100+ exalts to play non-meta builds). The list goes on. Yeah, I'll play PoE's new league till D3's new season releases.

Your post sounds more like your own personal problem rather than a problem with this game. And what do you mean RMT players? The entirety of d3 is based on RMT and all that auction house crap. And Ice shot delve miners are VERY viable without any HH. It is hard indeed but not impossible. Considering the fact that 1500ish+ depth is basically a currency printer, you can do whatever you want IF you put in time and effort.

If others are doing all those crazy builds, what is stopping you? Oh're just a casual who can't seem to put in the effort to get better at this game and all you can do is whine and cry when you see others doing better than you. Oh and you absolutely dont need 100+ exalts to make your build viable for end game if you know what you're doing. Just watch any small streamer who is into non-meta builds like astarift. He killed sirus with a WORB slayer build in delirium. People like him who love this game and know how to scale your builds make some really stupid builds viable without spending mirrors into those builds. Its all about putting in the effort to learn this game as the depth of this game far exceeds the shallow games like d3. But it suits casuals like you so thats fine I guess.
This is a lot more convoluted than expected. I was hoping to just plant seeds and grow then simply harvest them lol
very interesting loved that !
goodness gracious such long wall of text. imma just wait for someone to make a yt video on that, and listen to it while pushing atlas rather than reading that much.
This is a lot more convoluted than expected. I was hoping to just plant seeds and grow then simply harvest them lol

U can do that. Just spam Tier 1 and 2 Seeds and Sell Tier 3. Easy.
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