[3.12] Infernal Blow Champ - All Content, 1H/2H Options, ~30M Shaper DPS (No Cluster Jewels)

3.12 Sword & Board Smite Jugg update!!

Ok guys, this toon is looking pretty sick!

T16 Dark Forest - Corrupted, Delirium

Youtube: Smite Jugg - T16 Spider Forest (Corrupted, Delirium)

This is a "D3 style" build using mostly all uniques (just a flask and jewels non).

The clear is amazing! Smite is so good but sadly, I am LITERALLY the only person playing the skill at all lol...

Won't you guys give Smite some love? ;)

-::- The Gear -::-

Anyway... The guide is coming soon, cuz I think it deserves it. There's so many little pieces in this puzzle of a build to make it work, so I have to take my time to put my thoughts in order for a guide.

In the meantime, the latest PoB: https://pastebin.com/GnBgn5Ut

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3.12 Guide Update!

If anyone is still reading this, this is my guide for 3.12:

3.12 Sword & Board Smite Jugg

T16 Incursion - Smite Clear Speed Showcase

Sorry to bother you, I am pretty new and want to try this build (I play on the PSN). Would you mind showing me a picture of the passive tree. I'm not able to use the pathofbuilding site. Thank you for your help.

Do you plan on updating this build for 3.12 or is your main focus the smite jugg for now? I have always loved infernal blow but never managed to actually get it viable for endgame.


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