Updated Base Types in Path of Exile: Harvest

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Why i can't reroll block to spell block?
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poe2407 wrote:
i'm curious about the impact this will have on existing items too... will the base values automatically be applied or will they use a legacy approach

It seems to me the dmg values change retroactively altho the implicits are not possible to change on old items sadly :/ Or atleast it does not work with blessed orb for me.

Anybody else know if there is a way to change to the new implicits on ur old rares? I'd be glad to know if it work :)
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v1br0 wrote:

Why i can't reroll block to spell block?

Seems to me like the implicits are not possible to change on old items ;( Or atleast i havent been able to do so. Ive tried with blessed,divine & the beast divine both implicit and explicit values but nothing seems to have an impact.

I think it's kinda shitty that its not possible to change it on old items tbh since it only affect people who enjoy standard and have items they might have invested alot time to make. Can't really see a good reason for why those people shouldn't be able to enjoy these new changes aswell. Even if its just the implicit it just feels unessesary to me.
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