Updated Base Types in Path of Exile: Harvest

Base crit values?
But no love for Oro's Sacrifice? Without the increased base damage or its old increase in accuracy, I feel like it's just a nerf. I don't think the 30% inc. Elemental damage makes up for the accuracy.
Casie0046 wrote:
Please nerf selfcurse

excuse me?
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old void axe: 76-114
new void axe: 96-144
same attack speed

old karui chopper 117.9 dps
new karui chopper 162.8 dps
very nice
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Some of these axes look nice
Le Toucan Will Return
are those all buffs?
Tbh i still feel like DW for most melee builds will be better endgame anyway. Attack speed is just too good + 12 affixes > 6...

are those all buffs?

Just look at dmg numbers, so yea pretty much those are all buffs (all GGG posted so far =), except implicit changes, which could be debatable in certain cases.

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