Updated Base Types in Path of Exile: Harvest

there are actually some nerfs in here LOL... GGG you guys have to stop hiding nerfs inside pretend buffs.
Quadrupling the number of 0.00001% chance Boss encounters in the game while at the same time quadrupleing the number of things you need to juggle is not a net increase in things to do; its a NET INCREASE IN THE THINGS YOU NEVER GET TO DO
Local Maim On Hit %

A setback is simply a setup for your next comeback.
GGG please unnerf Stun, it's one of the most fun mechanics for people who are willing to make sacrifices in their build's efficiency. Please don't leave it like it is right now. Just add insane stun threshold to bosses but no immunities
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This is pointless without the old numbers.
KatKira wrote:
This is pointless without the old numbers.

That only matters if you actually used any of these before and if you did you probably know the old numbers.
Casie0046 wrote:
Please nerf selfcurse

Did u ever bother to read the patch notes?..
Man the table does not have crit chance.....
I am not a GGG employee. I don't get pay to reply you. My edits in POE wiki are voluntary work, thanks.
We don't see the before and after, could someone tell me, overall, what is the % boost ? Are they 5% more powerful ? 10% ?
For Dancing Duo (20 % Quality):
Old DPS: ~ 404
New DPS: ~ 453

Even after they nerfed the Damage from 190 % to 160 % increased physical damage.

So: Dancing Duo does 12 % more DPS
Yeah :)

E: But they destroyed Arcane Chemistry
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