Get Your Dragon God Hat When You Kill Act 10 Kitava

Yay <3
free hat is a free hat! im in
rami1337 wrote:
cpurdy777 wrote:
rami1337 wrote:
Nerf Selfcurse

I take it reading isn't your greatest strength... (patch notes btw)

I guess irony isnt yours

If it was supposed to be irony, then it was far from being funny.
Different types of SSD guide:
new lvling hat, sweet
Damn, another MTX I will not able to attain.
IGN: NetflixAndFuck
Gruentod wrote:
IceKingLP wrote:
I mean, we germans joined much earlier, where is our beer jug pet..

Masskrug oder Aufruhr

Nein aufruhr danke
Kim Jong Un portal would have been better.
Amount of this hat will also be limited like yours other scamy promotions?
nice! This is pretty cool not gonna lie :) <3GGG

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