Get Your Dragon God Hat When You Kill Act 10 Kitava

Free cosmetics? What's going on?
Wow ! it seems to me that it's the mulan's dragon on the top, so cuteeee ( even if mulan was chinese ) So thanks to GGG and to the koreans for this beautiful free hat !!!
( And free game too bro, and manyyyyyyyyy free cosmetics since longgtimeeeeeeee ) play under the blizzard's license, u'll get what i say...
Last edited by kestapop on Jun 18, 2020, 4:44:14 PM
More one, Wp!
Hahaha I don't want one thank you
Free is always nice :D
Raiden, is that you?? :-D
Love these asian themed free hats!
Eh! At least it's free.
its looks not bad
Will get it.

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