Get Your Dragon God Hat When You Kill Act 10 Kitava

FINALLY, a reward that is great in all ways - how it looks, how it's used, how you get it - with zero bullshett! thank you!
Always nice to get tokens of appreciation form GGG.
Thank you GGG
Wow thats very cool !
During Harvest league or playing in Harvest league? =0[.]o=
=^[.]^= basic (happy/amused) cheetahmoticon: Whiskers/eye/tear-streak/nose/tear-streak/eye/
whiskers =@[.]@= boggled / =>[.]<= annoyed or angry / ='[.]'= concerned / =0[.]o= confuzzled /
=-[.]-= sad or sleepy / =*[.]*= dazzled / =^[.]~= wink / =~[.]^= naughty wink / =9[.]9= rolleyes
a dreamcatcher on the head
Nice Hat many thanks
Free Brass Lampshade ?
~ If it moves, kill it ~
Looks weird...

I like it !!
Coffee & Cigarettes
Nizreb915 wrote:
Free Hat!

will there be punch and pie?
Quadrupling the number of 0.00001% chance Boss encounters in the game while at the same time quadrupleing the number of things you need to juggle is not a net increase in things to do; its a NET INCREASE IN THE THINGS YOU NEVER GET TO DO
Adellum wrote:
Nice. In my opinion there should always be something like

this !

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