Content Update 3.11.0 -- Path of Exile: Harvest

So exciting! My personal thank yous are for removing those @#^#$^%^%@ unholy relics after Elreon dies etc. (so annoying to run back and forth triggering them with their tiny detection radii, or dying when you forget due to too many beers).

And for putting the NAMES of the oils on the passive tree! No more googling for that in-game! Some colors are way too close IMO and I can't differentiate.
i love you guy !
But so many nerf why ??? so many unique dye !
Why did you nerf Ngahamu Flame by 40% maximum damage when other axes did not receive such a hude nerf?

You are literally making me stop playing PoE.

I was playing HP RF Build since 2016, then you nerfed HP type of that build.

After that you did change Chieftain ascendancy, so I can't use my own version of that build because of '50% phys to fire' forced conversion.

After that, you did nerf RF completly by reducing damage based on HP ( did enjoy playing pure HP build)

Then I did swap for Cyclone, now you did nerf Cyclone AND 2h Weapons on top of that, I did like to play as Chieftain with Ngahamu Flame.

Seriously, who from GGG is making those changes, and show me statistics(if possible) that he seen and made all those weird decisions based on those.

I do not like play other ascendancies than Chieftain, and I do enjoy build such as RF / Cyclone with curse on hit or pure Cyclone with Ngahamu flame, now you are literally forcing me to take a break from this game.
Last edited by Biszek on Jun 19, 2020, 10:00:01 AM
Do you plan to test anything this time and try to play to this game GGG?

Patch notes is a non-sense on my point of view - let's play passive build and wait for Poe 2.0
Last edited by Gryzorrr on Jun 19, 2020, 10:05:29 AM
I'm gonna play Dominating blow/Purity Guardian Max block with "The Scourge" claw its gonna be insane :)
Cyclone again? Next time what? "Cyclone will no longer deal damage" ?
3.11 hype i guess *yay*
hype my ass they don't want to have fun, that's it
emm its me, or mobs hit hard? tested the harvest, i think i skip this league. Gl guys
y como siempre un completo asco para actualizar parchar obteniendo recursos horas y horas y horas y nada mas que comprobando recursos...juego bueno como para que tenga esos insignificantes inconvenientes , como el parcheo re" lento" y la inestabilidad de los servidores "Algun dia mejorara " saludos

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