3.10.2 Patch with Beta of Vulkan Renderer

creo120480 wrote:
There is a bit of a "screen tearing" when the character is running through a light source.

Yep here a lot of tearing even with ingame vsync on, without vsync its bloody hell of tearing.

Frame Rate Limiter from Nvidia Profile Inspector tool limits FPS but it doesnt enables "fake" vsync like it does on DX11.

Also nvidia driver's vsync options basically doesnt affect Vulkan at all.

For example i can play Deep Rock Galactic with these settings, and it play smooth as fk without any tearing whatsoever.
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This is what PoE needs! Ty so much! ♥
This is my number one issue with the game, glad to see it's being worked on.

Thanks :)
nice and thx...
TightBraj wrote:
Linux version when?

Nice work!

We need linux compatible.. running through wine/tricks/lutris etc.. is a chore every time
My Fps dropped alot! it shows 88 fps but I see like 10

I'm steam user
I would strongly suggest that GGG reach out to Id software.

The reason being, they are the KINGS of optimizing Vulkan.

You mentioned that this Vulkan renderer will not make current cards faster, and I expect with just getting this working, that is truly the case for now.


Id WAS able to make their game, Doom, a LOT faster on Vulkan vs DX, and even had the effect of older AMD video cards suddenly performing at levels the same as current NVidia offerings - its bananas what they have been able to do.

It wouldn't hurt to consult with them for ideas. Vulkan is something where when used RIGHT can significantly boost the performance of the game. I've also seen where when it is not implemented well at all, where it doesn't do much of anything - it is an API that rewards those that dive deeply into it; just a surface level implementation won't yield the best results.

Reach out to Id.
Thank you <3
Having said what I said in the previous post, I can tell you what I see now in the current Vulkan Renderer:

Currently, without looking at FPS, the game feels like it PLAYS faster. Controls are much tighter, character feels like they have more pep in their step, etc.


There is a weird kind of visual microstutter when I move. I don't know how to explain it except that it feels choppy and it feels like at times the graphical fidelity of my character drops in certain frames.

When I take a character into combat it becomes more pronounced. Oddly enough, the visual effects around my character (Auras) look more impressive and don't have a performance hit.

Good starting place, but a lot more to optimize.
awesome :)

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