The Press Tour Has Begun!

Path of Exile - The Pants Shop. After years of fighting in the Atlas half-naked you decide to settle down and open a pants-shop.

Can't wait to put my undead labour into building my pants empire!
My portable currency Tab is ready for this.
Bright blue huh?
Amazing as always, but colors... more colors? Allrighty...
Miasmia wrote:
For the Love of GOD please let the new league not be some stupid mechanic that forces you to be ZOOMY. I hated Delirium because it forced you to zoom through the map then have to backtrack to pick up gear. HORRIBLE!

+++++ My shortest league ever, had to quit because of this.

Introducing mounts from MU Online (dino's) ?
All I need is a performance patch, no content needed.
I see a manageable, Item filter connected, Self collecting , MULE , with a stash size of the quad .

Now,that new body can be MTXed and is castomizable for as long as game is played.

Not a bad idea...

If only it comes with an aura, that will be an win-win.
plz fix all Performance issues !!!
ING: @Pinakillada
Legue: Softcore & SC legues
" to reveal that the colour of the expansion logo is bright blue "

The fog is gone, and finally we will see blue sky again :)

Please no more league like Delirium please, I wasted hours to go back and forward collecting loot :((

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