The Press Tour Has Begun!

Q&A with ZiggyD and the CEO of game.... Mhhhh i prefer the CEO than him, cos a paid player (not a pro cos for that there is outside better ones doing 4 mirror services at least, in 2 weeks having 70% of challenges) hired indirectly from GGG dsnt confirm it. Aye, lets prepare the wallets to open it for incoming supp packs xDDDD
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From the picture I surmise that this will be Mount League!!! ... or Cleavage league... Either way I'm excited!

I'm hoping it will be well-rounded and with good support.
Awakened Combustion Support when?

Looks like this lady here. Hmm Tabula league?? or do we get to ride Rhoa's. Looks interesting so far.

Looks like Irasha. So the league could have something to do with Irasha
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I'm hungry for it. af.
Yeh Iraha, maybe new league has something to do with her and Tasuni. maybe deciding whom to give the feather to and rule highgate can actually branch your league experience ???? No? just me?
i hope its not like delirium 3 monsters and fog + annoying voice asking u to hurry.
Fishing secrets have to be revealed by 2.0...
BLUE, farm your angler's plaitsss, fishing league incoming

Fairgraves or Krillson as the master, funky quests leading to giant squid bosses, jumping from ship to ship in an epic sea battle. Can't wait to equip my pirate gear next league. No ninja plz

expansion logo is bright blue, yet this league definitely has many other colours.
We SMURF league now BOIs.

Gather different coloured mushrooms (new season bloat) and plant them in your new hideout and harvest them a week before leagues end to run end game, just once.
Formally [Removed by Support] as my STANDARD map stash got frakked

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