Tentative Announcement of the Announcement

Take the time, stay safe, stay sane! thank you for the update and thank you for the awsome game!
July 1st, Gonna wait.
First Mirror drop at t8 pier map in legacy league :D
Second Mirror drop at t16 promenade map in delirium league :D
"Fear the Void"
I am fine with this.
For me its always quality > quantity.
Stay safe people.
I wonder why they waited until 3.5 weeks before to announce a 1 week minimum delay.

It's fine but if it gets released as buggy as delirium that's going to feel terrible.

Day 1 servers kept dropping party members and taking an hour to get back in.
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Soooo we should not have any hopes up to get some league that won't require 4-6 weeks to patch things to make it reasonably playable.
all right, good to know, no change at all.
I represent only myself, my own thought and believes. I am individual, not a representative of the community.
I am not speaking on behalf of someone else and I don't get offended by things that have nothing to do with me.

3.13 was the golden age. Down the drain we go.
oh noes, stuck in a league that made me richer than ever before
what will i ever do ?

stay safe!

3.11 Pog
The whole world is on pause but there ain't no stopping GGG & the Hype Train!
"Your grandchildren will awaken screaming in memory of what I utter today!"
- Path of Exile, Legacy Whispers of Doom Keystone

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