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high-quality expansion AKA breach-like content
El_Phosky wrote:
Why don't you do a race? I mean, if you need more time, ppl will enjoy a little race while waiting for next expansion
k thanks babes <3
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Don't rush the expansion. People would rather have something good than something fast.
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just some small event in betweeen would be very nice
Don't mind, neither my family. At last I am spending more time with them than usual. :-D
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Delaying league sure okay that's fine given the circumstances. But it's still going to be broken mechanics and bugs for 2-3 weeks on launch.

Flashback, race, something.... Tencent/China Client making GGG look stagnant.
I'd rather have you delay one more month if you test things before you launch. Test like real people, without HH meme builds.

You desperatedly need a PTR GGG, the more you take to aknoledge that the more problems you will have.

Also make the QoL things China version have be global not only China. I mean ONLY THE QOL (death recap, etc) not the other pay things (loot pet) that would make the game ever worse than it is.
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