Tentative Announcement of the Announcement

I'm looking forward to more VOICE LINES for our exiles lol, you let the standard version ROT too long
Take all the time you need, no need to rush at all !
Ydoum wrote:
pepeHYPE wrote:
high-quality expansion

Let's hope is not a dead instance!!!

Take all the time you guys need!
Posts like this cement my fanboy-ism, thanks for being so transparent, hyped for the reveal stream (great idea!) and take the time you need :)
I try this: If I disagree, I will make a sound opposing argument. It's ok to love/hate something that I hate/love. Devs know PoE better than I do. I am the only player I represent.

Chaos-Caster-guide for any class:
Man, this how old Blizzard were when it comes to the relation, at least, between quality and release-dates. Good stuff.

Thank you for all your hard work.
great thanks
//go next
thanks for your hardwork GGG
Thank you very much for this post! Even though you guys are very carefull about stuff like this. I really appreciate the transparancy and honesty towards your fans!

Kepp up the good work, and stay safe for as long as you need :D

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