[3.20] ❄️❄️ Velyna's Hollow Palm Ice Crash ❄️ ❄️ Leaguestart Section | Hidden and Feared Viable

PoBs updated to remove the reserve mastery, no other changes needed far as i can tell.

Build is ready for 3.19
Wildwrap is gone right? so now we use the new Briskwrap?
Wildwrap is gone right? so now we use the new Briskwrap?

Yep. It's annoying but not end of the world.
Was googling ice crash jugg guides (got diverted from ground slam XD) just to say I was a little confused when this popped up it might be nice to put the ascendancy in the title? I like the guide btw might be persuaded XD

Was only when I got to the ascend part of the guide where I was like thats not a jugg node.
That's when I looked at the very top to see forum index>>> ranger which was a surprise considering what I'd been searching.

Not specifically your fault at all but would've seen it in the main title if it had been there
Final PoB updates are out, enjoy the new league everyone!
Stream is live for 3.19, starting as explosive concoction scion!
welp they finally did it, with enough updates that change this build I'm now not gonna bother playing. See you guys in PoE 2.
GGG please allow Flicker Strike on Hollow Palm
Have u try build with The dancing dervish reaver sword (utility gem like blind, culling strike etc..)

I've been playing with it for 3 days and I find it super pleasant for playing comfort

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Why are you using one with nothing together with a weapon?
your loosing the unencumbered
Cause this weapon disable hand slot so we are unencumbered. No dmg lost. just more clearspeed and blind satisfaction.

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