[3.10] Conflux golemancer | All content deathless | All content effortless | Super tanky | 8mill DPS

Good to know it's working well.. everything I messed around with didn't seem clearly superior in any way so your build seems very optimized

If only you could fit a yoke of suffering in here with all the ailments
I have actually thought about other ascendancies that might be able to perform equally, just havent tested them yet. If you pick any other ascendancy than Elementalist, i think Yoke of Suffering would be a BiS item.
I'm sure a good possibility is zerker.. focusing more on warcrys to make up for lack of Regen/damage from golem buffs.

Would have to travel for EE though
Hi, nice guide, but I have a two questions:

1) Why do you have two curses in your setup?
2) You have Berserk in your video?
I only have one curse, Temporal Chains, and i dont use Berserk, its not worth it.
Congratulations on the build.
Sorry for my English, I could say the most important thing about the armor, or it would be anybody with the parameters of increased life. Thank you
Hello, and thank you. Your english is just fine :)

The armor is all about capping resists, maximizing life and a spare suffix for +10% chance to dodge spells on chest.

The +3 minion and minion life on helmet are mandatory, without those the golems will feel terrible.

Other than that there are some heavy improvements that can be made:

+1 strike on gloves
tailwind on boots
elusive on boots
fortify on belt

along with probably some more min-maxing possibilities that i never got around to.
Rumblepie wrote:
I only have one curse, Temporal Chains, and i dont use Berserk, its not worth it.

Yeah, i see. I was a little bit confused, because in your POB there is also Elemental Weakness.

Really enjoing the build so far. Clear is a bit meh so far (but im still low level), but it is really stupidly tanky :D
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Im glad you're enjoying it!

Are you using Ancestral Call in your gem setup?

I updated POB to better reflect actual damage, and to the one im currently using (small changes).
Yeah I'm using ancestral call.

How do you use your Crys? I see in your videos that they are up, but they are not on your hotbar
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