[3.10] Conflux golemancer | All content deathless | All content effortless | Super tanky | 8mill DPS

Mine are on the second skill bar, you can see it when pressing ctrl
I added an Uber Elder video
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Also added Cortex video
Any updates for 3.11?
"The Hate continued exactly as before, except that the target had been changed." ~ Orwell, 1984
Update for 3.11 if you can please, 3.11 bricked the cluster jewels so im not really sure what to do for defenses...
I posted my target POB for 3.11. Check out my character for what early mapping gear looks like.
Cool thanks, bit sad you're not using conflux anymore though. That was a nifty way to get all ailments at once. Skitterbots works though i guess. Your pob seems to be missing the secrets of suffering keystone?
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I updated to include the secrets of suffering, i am actually using it, mistakenly forgot it in POB.

Confluxes are kind of cool, and i may go back to that depending on how well the Ascendant performs. Just experimenting with other ascendancies :)
I decided to try out the conflux golemancer again. I updated the 3.11 POB im going for so far

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