[3.14 WIP] Blast from the Past. KB/PS Int Stack Wander King. Speed meta 18K ES, 20m+ dps

Seems like I'm done with this league. Was lucky to hit a triple t1 def and t1 Int on a helmet within the first 5 dense fossils. But then I spent over 70ex on crafting and elevating int% mod on it... Crafted nice armour and really awesome crit multi ring. (It's worth mentioning somewhere on your crafting guide that such rings are possible.)

Still got lots of bases and incomplete crafts. I was planned to craft a second crit multi ring, but with t1 accuracy this time.

And gloves... Daamn it!
I've spent over 150(!) ex trying to hit and elevate hunter's Intimidate mod on Puhuarte gloves with t1 int. But that I realized that those gloves would still be bad - you cant craft decent es on them. So my second plan was:
1. Find sorcerer's gloves with some cool synth implicits.
2. Spam dense+eatheric fossils until I get ~250es.
3. Reforge suffixes until t1 int.
4. Add/rem attack until t1 accuracy.
5. Craft Avoid elemental ailments.
Much cheaper, much easier, much more deterministic. And the final result will be much more powerful than any Puhuarte's gloves.

Oh, and one more note - stun immunity is totally useless. Pantheon + some stun recovery from the gear is more than enough.
But reflect immunity - that's a significant QoL upgrade! And it can be relatively easily achieved via minor Pantheon + at least 8 gems (out of 10 we are using) with harvest impricit "10% reduced reflected damage taken"
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Hi, everything is working fine but I feel like my life leech on power siphon is very low even with anomalous damage on full life, could anyone please help with that?

You're reaching your max leech per second with the amount of leech you have so more leech percentage won't help. The only things that will increase your leech rate is increasing your total ES or increasing your max leech rate.
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First of all we got a method of adding spell dmg to attack dmg without using a Crown of Eyes.

What method? Other than that, I am onboard!

EDIT: Found it on the tree: Wandslinger Notable
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I next want someone who knows about gear look at my tree and gear and tell me what Im doing wrong bvecause I have invested so much money into the build

I next want someone who knows about gear look at my tree and gear and tell me what Im doing wrong bvecause I have invested so much money into the build

I just started looking into this build, but looking at your build I can see that your boss 4-link has low elemenal penetration and is usually the reason for low boss damage since it just shaves off a ton of damage. You can also pump up the damage with some % int synthesis Jewlery. Also are you double cursing? You have both the mark and the penetration.

A start is divining your wise oak for 5%, which is huge damage if you are not penetrating bosses

Note on elemental penetration:
It basically reduces the final damage you output with a % amount which is a large amount. If you instead penetrate the boss, you the negative amount will act as a more multiplier, thus being on one side compared to the other makes a huge difference and is most noticeable when bossing since bosses have much larger resistances

Hope, it help you, if not, then hopefully someone else :) GLHF
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thx for help guys I upgraded my 4 link set up and devined my wise oak. but Im still having trouble after about 100 ex to clear t12 and kill boss with out dieing. I have watched videos and I have play the wander machanic multiple builds and Im trying to be more safe but, Im still dieing like crazy and I feel really bad.

My next question would be how can I stack int and also have resistances?

If anyone could help me in game my name is
ign ArtellArtillery thx
Can someone tell me where the ES leech comes from?
I can't seem to find it in PoB :<
My PoB: https://pastebin.com/7PsJAv4v
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