[3.18 suspended] Blast from the Past. KB/PS Int Stack Wander King. Speed meta 18K ES, 20m+ dps

Can you explain how occultists get a worse return on gear? Ive been comparing your PoB to the other top occultists who also use power siphon. You have less damage and equal survivability to the top occultists currently. Is this just from the lack of gear available in the league?
Where is the crafting guide?
updated pob and new craft guide would be nice!

Its my second time playing this build!
U did great work man!
I got mageblood and i can sell it for 310 ex is that enough to get this build geared? i know it requires around 300 ex as minimum i think? would be nice of OP coudl confirm tho

edit: i see op isnt checking his own thread anymore oh well guess il use poeninja then
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@Gopstop22 but would't a mageblood be perfect for this build?
Hey I want to get started on it by crafting the weapon, which is recommended to awaken slam 2 bases together. But the PoB is showing just a hunter wand with 2 hunter prefixes. Which one is better or the right one to go for? Thanks!
How are we sustaining ES?
Katslayer1337 wrote:
How are we sustaining ES?

leech as there's no regen. at least that's how it works on mine
poe is going down fast. playing Last Epoch now. much better game
Finally finished my int stacker. It took a few months on std and i'm happy with the result. =)

Thx @Trivialmatters

The Feared 122% IIQ - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-M-sqIC-bU
Simulacrum Wave 30 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=804BEGJNp9g

POB - https://pastebin.com/2bTV8DWT
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3.17 updates:

how have you been? haven't seen you around in a while.
poe is going down fast. playing Last Epoch now. much better game

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