Behind the Music - Path of Exile 2 Act One

why change the town song...
Ahhh, I was here for the music from the start :3 It helps to tell stories so much, can't imagine Malachai fight without the «Heart of corruption» and Innocence fight without choral and rhythm that sets the fight mood. Thank you, Kamil <3
You the best Kamil!!! Keep up the amazing work, POE would not be the same without you!
Cool .. the music in Poe was always good ... and I love Synths, so I don't mind more of them as well :)
Very cool video thanks for sharing it, i'm so glad that the goal is to make the music as memorable as possible, like Matt Uelmen's Diablos music.

And i really enjoyed the small bits of Poe2's music from the video, thanks Kamil ! :)
📜My hideout thread :
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Maybe fix in-game sounds to prevent them from lagging the game instead?
Fifty shades of grey
rrurrer01 wrote:
please bring back the very first version of act 1 music - PLEASE

^^ This

At least if it was brought back into the Music Player for our Hideouts, not only would you have more Hideout Music Player Sales, but would also help the players out so we at least had a place to listen to it and remember the Good ol days running aroud like a Fresh, new PoE noob when we 1st started playing the game. It really is a good track to get subliminally for relaxation/studying, which is really kind of needed after going through the hectic environments and insane effects of multiple skills churning through our consciousness. :P
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