Behind the Music - Path of Exile 2 Act One

The modern drums shatter the atmosphere. Those music doesn't feel like Tristan's theme at all, because Tristan theme doesn't sound anachronic. There's some tunes that doesn't fit in PoE ambience at all, and there's others that are amazing. Btw I don't understand why trying to appeal the D2 feeling when PoE, in the beginning, had his own amazing atmosphere, like the good ol' Act 1 Lioneye's theme...
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Kamill the best, there is no doubt.
Even today I am enchanted when I enter dried lake .... a pearl of rare beauty .... that music hypnotizes me, makes me stop playing and listening while standing still looking at a lunar landscape.
Maybe it was more suitable for descending a catacomb, but it is still a masterpiece!

Thanks Kamill, because at least you, you are never wrong!
Listen to Kamil, don't immediately mute the music. You'll be missing out.
"There will be much less of typicl symphonic orchestra."

A big part of me inside died when I've heared this. Personal preferences I guess.
Nonetheless music was so good it gave me goosebumps.
I love it and I believe the music in PoE is way too unapriciated!
Just thinking about the theme of Blight and Synthesis gave me goosebumps again.
Thanks :)
kinda reminds me of Diablo 1/2, and that is a good thing
I play with music off most of the time, mainly because I listen to other things in the background outside of the game (streams, news, other music) or I'm just too tired to handle all the input from the game including all sounds.

However, the music in Path of Exile is just amazing! Every time I enable music I feel the game is much more alive, and I can tell there has been many many improvements and additions of sounds tracks.

I always turn the music on when entering Abyssal Depths if the zone contains a Lich. That music is just fantastic! The anticipation! For some reason when fights get intense this music cuts and stutters, but I simply need it when clearing the area. It adds so much tension.

Recently after one of these depths when I'd left the music on, I cleared some unique maps for atlas bonus - including Hallowed Ground! Now what in the world happened to the music in this map? Was it always like this? A strange mix of Duke Nukem and Resident Evil? This jam only plays when in small boss areas. There's no music when running the long corridors. A bit strange.

I love the the mastermind soundtrack that is also available in some (spider) maps. I wish there were more tracks available for your hideout!

So for today let's keep the music on!

AShugars wrote:
rrurrer01 wrote:
please bring back the very first version of act 1 music - PLEASE

^^ This

At least if it was brought back into the Music Player for our Hideouts, not only would you have more Hideout Music Player Sales, but would also help the players out so we at least had a place to listen to it and remember the Good ol days running aroud like a Fresh, new PoE noob when we 1st started playing the game. It really is a good track to get subliminally for relaxation/studying, which is really kind of needed after going through the hectic environments and insane effects of multiple skills churning through our consciousness. :P

as we can read in comments - the author of track was gone from GGG and took his track coz he has copyright.
i guess we will not hear this track in game anymore.

probably GGG was greedy enough to not pay him what he asking - dont know.
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diablo1 vibes definitely
perfect as always!!
So what PC i need to play in on ultra :D
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.

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