Behind the Music - Path of Exile 2 Act One

Too bad you can't actually listen to any music on top of all the combat sound clutter.
Endgame sound atmosphere is disgusting.
Problem: impostor syndrome
Solution: nerf everything
Result: depressing mess
Holy crab, that banner. Is that PoE?! It looks neat!
The Bother progress: 11%

You don't even imagine how much harm you've caused. I'm not sure I'll live long enough to finish "The Bother". You're one of my murderers. You will never get my forgiveness unless you make up for what you've done.
Total Hype!!!!
I never mute you Kamil!

From one composer to another... you inspire me!
Delirium ended...
But the Voices never did.
When I learned that my guildmate played with the music muted I unfriended and muted him.
"Your grandchildren will awaken screaming in memory of what I utter today!"
- Path of Exile, Legacy Whispers of Doom Keystone
Thank you Thank you!! More cowbell and Timpani!
durfry wrote:
Thank you Thank you!! More cowbell and Timpani!

Yes! cowbell is the key
music composer
OMG!! It's really happening, i can't wait for it!
Good work, Kamil!

Allusion to the iconic Diablo II soundtrack ("Wilderness", "Cave" and "Crypt") is much appreciated! You can't go wrong with it! A heavy dose of nostalgia can only be healthy! :)

I would also like listening to more heavy electronic tracks, similar to the Vaal Oversoul theme.

The new Lioneye's Watch is too "romantic" in my opinion. Dark and gritty it shall be! :) In general, the newer tracks are, although very good, a bit too "happy" for the dark and unforgiving continent of Wraeclast! Hopefully the new town tracks will be epic and deliver the feeling of madness and despair! ;)

As to muting the soundtrack... I almost never do it! You've got a fan here! :)
ty for amazing musics!

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